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Just an Update

Nothing much of myself lately, except for still having my cough which is getting worst and with flem, and my mucus which gives me a hard time to breath. I am afraid of doctors honestly, maybe because of what I've been through during my childhood days...Anyway, I dont get disease easily, but once I've got it? I am having a hard time to get rid of this...At first, I would just ignore it then, on the past 4 days I am getting worried. I've been irritated lately because of this sickness. I can't take a long period of sick leave, BIG boss doesn't know how to use this new technology and aside that she's have no time of learning, there are lots of things that is complicated to her. For example, radiation she had this peacemaker inside her for a heartbeat thingy... next, she's just too busy for it. She would rather write it, than learning a new technology. Moreover, I've been having this disease for almost 2 weeks now, can u imagine that, with all sleepless nights...luckily, I dont cough alot na anymore. Maybe this mucus that blocks me from breathing on my nose. I even think sometimes during night while sleeping like what if I forgot to breath? Or what if I am having a very bad nightmare? Hopefully not..I still wanna see my products in the future...hehehe...And finally, aside from being so stubborn to just listen to my friends' advice to see a physician...finally I have decided to see our school doctor...@ Mother and Child Center, Rebecca Soubiron, my former highschool classmate is working there, she just got hired in Laboratory, chat a little, and I dont know her last name since she's married and have one child. I've got my medicines now and hopefully I'll be feeling OKAY soon.

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