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Hello Amigas...and Amigo... kung kinsa man mubasa ani...pardon me for those who doesn't know what i'm telling here...I dont know where to start on posting for such a longer time. I've been busy at work lately, because of the Installation ceremony for our president, my "busy" life [i wonder what makes me busy this days]...and lots of a boring life. I got lazy sometimes updating without any magic in it. No sparks... well there is but, his just too far away from me... I want to start a new life, how would it be? Hayy...[dreamin'] For those who knew me? Yes, I'm still the same old Nova... I can't develop myself being stuck in this....this... life ... but I'm making my own fate..right??? Hay, nagdrama na jud ko diri..i dont know exactly what to share.. but for those dameans who wanted to know what really happened during the inauguration and installation of the president, I'm making this article and with pictures on it, later... for now...wala, I'm starting to my leave of absence from work this 29th... Scared, with lots of things because aside from having my bills to pay for 3 months, I haven't find any alternative work so aside from waiting for the employers to call, or the agency, I'll have my own income to pay such bills and debts...huhuhu....

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