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what just happened to me

I have not yet posted what happened during the inauguration last august 15th. I'm quite busy lately napud because, I have to trained the substitute person whom will be doing my works in the office while I am spending my entire life worthless outside this world...hehehehe.. just kidding.. I dont know how to pay my debts within 3 months leave from work. No money, No work, but thats okay I will be facing the whole day in the computer. Thanks to my DEAREST KUYA RITO...because of him, I can hook to the internet all day long. I will not be bored and I might be able get some home jobs.. Moreover, about my new substitute well she's fine, I let her sit where I am sitting so she would be able to learn what's the flow or how to deal with faculty and situations in the office. I like it also, because I will be at the back and can do my evil works...heheheh..just kidding...i'll make sure to post here what might happen to my life within this vacation...

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