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i took my leave

Last August 29, 2006 is the last day for me at work. I went home around 7:30pm, because I got to clean up my table and every things I have in there. I dont know, its just that its very hard for me to let go, as if i am not going back but I just took a 3 months leave. Well, I've been used to like waking up very early in the morning to prepare foods not only for me, but for the whole family since, Janice left. And now, things would be different for months because I wont be able to do such routinary things. When I got home, I do really feel so lonely I dont know and I can't stop thinking about me not going to work on the next day. Maybe I am not just used to this, and its hard to go with those people who would be left behind, eventhough I'm sometimes not in the mood with my life, people in the office were my second family, the office is my second home too. I would definitely miss everything there. But hopefully, that this vacation would bring me more luck and happiness in life. its past a week since my leave. I am stuck at home, but still working for my boss daughter's research. Well, she paid me for doing it, since there is no longer free due that it is exempted. Even though its too embarrassing to accept the payment, she would insist me to have it. And then I did, hehehehe..I am at home right now, while making this blog. Well I no longer have free internet access. And I also have to earn some money for me because I would not receiving any salary too. I wont go to yahoo as often as you see me before, maybe things would be different starting right now. And I have to control myself as well, not to keep facing computer and been stupidly talking to people that much. I will try my best to post as much as I wont get lazy and get bored.
Oh, this 11th I wil be spending my vacation in Laguna, where my sister lives there and her family too. Maybe will see what would happen to me there, and I'll be accompanying my parents to visit her too, since my dad never been to manila before.. I'm sure it would a be great time... I am not sure when to come back, but if nothing happens with the dubai thingy??? I dont want to lose my job here for now...and rob, thanks for droppin by here, keep leaving notes so i would know that your still alive, i will be missing you and have a wonderful day always..keep to u soon...

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