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What I have been up too

Hello guys, since I am outta work and bored at home with a routinary works at home? I got hired as a tutor of my niece at home, Sheedy Vyne as some of you knew, she's been schooling lately and she's already a kindergarten II. Well its not that easy to get the child's sympathy because vyne's case she can catched up things that easily, but unfortunately when she got distructed? she can't get back that easily too. So everynight and after school, I am obliged to teach vyne with her studies. And I love it, at least even that small amount I still have a little income monthly. Having not at work is not that easy, sacrifice I really have to sacrifice for all of this. Hopefully that I would have a good result after this leave. For now, that's what keeps me busy at home.
To all who knows that I'm supposed to have a trip in Manila last 12th of September, was postponed because things change with my father's schedule on his vacation leave. I planned to go with them and then stays there. So now, I will not tell anyone for now not until I'm already there...eheheheh... its no good to keep teling things then all of a sudden things would change... I can't put pictures anymore.

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