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My Monday

I met Wella, Myti last Monday in KCC, I got a texted message from Wella that she's in GenSan and wanted to see me. I did not know that she also texted Mistica, I was thinking that only me and her will going to met but when she told me that she is also expecting Mistica I got more excited. I know Mistica drives us both crazy in laugh with her stories and the way she talked.

We went to KFC because the late girl doesn't ate her lunch yet. So we accompany her and chatted. We saw Anne with her parents and niece shopping, and there the four of us chat for an hour in KFC.

Afterwards we went to the dressmaker to give our body sizes. Anne is getting married this 14th of October and Mistica and I were bridesmaids, Wella can't make it because she told us that she'll be in Clarkfield Pampanga for another training in graveyard...So, anyway, we went there and after scanning the shop we decided to get to the next door which is another shop. We were just scanning the albums of what wedding designs they got and inquire about how much would it cost.. its fun and I love the fun girl's out.

We headed back to KCC since there's no shopping mall here in GenSan. Went to grocery, because Wella and Mistica were professionaly knows what to buy for their nephews...hehehehe..Anne and I were just following them, as the sun goes down we decided to get home.

I planned to visit the cafe this day, but since my dear friend wants to see me I had to cancelled it and go with her. And it takes months since I went out with this girl. Moreover, I got a new tattoo on my left wrist, a friend made this for me and I love it. As if I'm so cool with this..Well actually its just a hena..I planned to get another one on my body...I just like it...

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