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As I have already mentioned to some of my friends. I have this new tattoo on my left wrist. I like having it, even if its not that real tatoo.. Its a 'Hena' I'm not sure of the spelling. Anyway, I got this last 23rd of September and it is fading now. The color isn't that clear unlike on its first made. A friend of mine who made this for me. Its pretty cool because I'm sure other people might think that I'm somekind of this 'punk' hehehehehe.... One time when I got to see this friend of mine, I rode to a tricycle, and the driver even asked me of like " Unsa'y frat sa imong tattoo?" hehehehe... I was answered only like ' Wala manong, wala man ko frat... Art lang gud' and he doesn't actually know that its only a hena...that this would only take weeks and then gone. I felt good and as if i'm that brave enough to get one.. Hopefully that I'll get a real tattoo someday.. When time comes, not now but i don't mind if its that painful.. and I'm keeping it..hehehehe... And I even went surf to the net to see another design for another tattoo..I planned to put 3 more..hehehehe.. My mom noticed it and ask with a mad face, I just told her its not real.

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