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Routinary Days

I have this routinary days at home and its worst hahahaha... some complains that they have this routinary things to do at work. Well, it would definitely makabugo kung your always at home. As if the whole years you spent at school will just been forgotten. There are other cases like what mothers do they have this very very hard jobs among all the jobs. Because it matters of the health, future and life of those people who arounds her. She have to do everything just to please everyone and make every feel happy and comfortable. Oh well, I just dont have anything on mind now. But this routinary works I'm doing at home. At really bored, thanks to my mates we used to played badminton with twinks. And I am not sure yet, of what would be my next weeks routinary days.. oh except that Mary Ann's wedding is approaching. Well see what would make us busy..And I have to prepare couple of songs for her reception. I have to sing because she wants me to sing. Well I dont have a choice, but to at least grant what she wanted. Hopefully I can sing well there, I haven't practiced my songs yet because I'm confuse what would I am going to sing..hehehehe..

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