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Another Interview…

I was too early this morning in the office, so after the routinely cleaning of my table and area, I decided to go check my mail; I was bolt from the blue in my inbox, because I received an email again from another companies that I applied with. Well, it’s not a big position for now but I tried this office staff at Peso Employment Services [Peso Group of Companies]. I have to call the company for the confirmation, and to tell them as well that I’m still here in GenSan, too bad, when I spent a vacation in Manila hoping that I could at least have an interview to one of the companies I applied, I don’t heard any of them..hhahaha.. poor me.

So, I guess I’ll just have to call them and tell them that I can’t go for an interview because I’m still here in GenSan, or if they allow phone interview…hahahahah. . I hope they do, I wanna work in other environment and another company. I need to enhance my talent and my capacity. Char! All I do is to pray…hay…..

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