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Proclamation 1345

Last August 1, 2007, on our TV Patrol World News announced the Proclamation of 1345, MalacaƱang has declared August 3, 2007 a special holiday for high school and college students to allow them to register as New Voters for the Barangay and Sanggunian Kabataan elections this October.

Classes will be suspended while office and maintenance work will continue.

That was released yesterday [August 2, 2007] on President’s Memorandum No. 8, series of 2007, students were happy, offices don’t…hahahaha. We don’t even have GIA’s with us on this day too. Good thing I don’t have any urgent paper works, because if I have? I would definitely be the secretary and the GIA at the same time. Meaning, and probably be distributing in every office or to a concern person for some communications. Whew! Now while writing this blog I’m alone in the office, it would be so lonely here if I did not brought my player with me. I’m glad that I did and even if I am listening to the same songs over and over it helps me accompany.

We have a very heavy rain yesterday. Since the tricycle that I’m used to rode on every afternoon stops in the middle of the road. I was trying not to freak out instead I took some pictures hoping to capture these big raindrops. Its fun and I enjoyed the experience.

taken from inside the tricycle

good thing, were not already at the middle

While at home, I was trying to blog the whole thing, I asked Kuya Rito if I could borrow his laptop for awhile since he don’t used if because he was provided one by PLDT. When I saw the poor thing some keys were missing… actually it’s not missing Harvey and Vyne was using it they have this computer tutorial and some other computer games and learning stuff on it. Since Harvey can’t manipulate it because Ate took over, what he do? He pulled out those keys to distract Vyne and this is what it looks like till now. Too bad I haven’t used it because besides of the fact that the keys were missing there’s no MS Office installed in it. So, I have to wait to get to the office and blog all this things.

Dell with missing keys

Until then...

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