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While Browsing...

I don’t usually browse too much online especially when I don’t have enough much time to do so. Well, probably starting 2nd of August to the 4th, I will be doing it. Aside from boss is on vacation leave, I will not be that busy for any [extra-curricular] activities or urgent paper works. Its not that I can’t be functional when boss is not around, in fact I have this big responsibility on my own to deal with, from the office task, GIA [working student], up to the responsibilities that the office is handling with. I am more resourceful when she’s on leave. I go the chance to finish the pending paper works that was supposed to be done ages ago. Now, I have enough time to do so. Moreover, I’m browsing WebPages from friends up to those people that I don’t know. I got amaze with their works. And came up into this idea something to be more imaginative to my page, I have other sites account but this is my major / official site that I blog with. I don’t update this usually because besides of the fact that I have no time at all, I got lazy too and would choose to sleep, instead of sharing what’s going on. I even planned before to just totally face this out. Well good thing I changed my mind. [You would not wanna know why] This is supposed to be an updates of my life, but it seems I find my life boring here. So no need to be efficient, [or I’m just simply lazyyyyyyyyyyyy Nova].

Anyways, I might be restructuring this page and hopefully it will come up with my personality the simplicity, modesty and totally my idea.

I love watching blogsites that shows how creative they are and how good they made for their own sites. [Keep it up!] I will do the same thing, be more alive and inventive I will do here. [Crossing my fingers]


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P.s. I doubt this test isn’t telling you the truth, if my sense of humor isn’t what I expected it to be. Then, how come when I’m with my friends, co-workers and families, they have fun and full of laughter with me around. So, I think this is not a 100% true… hehehehe…. I have friends to prove that I have a good sense of humor. But in this result? It’s just too discouraging and unbelievable..

Why don’t you try it for yourself, and check it out if this is true, or maybe its just me, were I can’t admit it to myself that I have this I don’t know how many percent my Sense of Humor is. I'm not even an out going person already. This is not so true...hehehehe....

Until then….

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