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Happy 1st year anniversary My Jeffy…

We make it to the 1st year and hopefully that we will make it to the end. We both know that life and long distance relationship isn’t that easy at all, but I am so thankful and lucky that you helped me to work this relationship with me. I love you more than anything and I hope you will always remember that. I have found (not the perfect poem) but a sweet and heartily meant for you. I hope you like it and I am telling the whole world that it is you I choose to be with in my life… See? I’m not ashamed? (Blushing)


© Megan A. Smith

I know your there
but my worlds so bare.
Nothings standing in your way,
I’m hoping you can make it one more day.

Our relationship has grown so strong,
where could we have went so wrong.
You were there when I needed you,
Now I’m here for you to need me too.

My love for you will stay the same,
never will I forget your name.
By my side, you will always stay,
I'll think of you day by day.

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