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I'm off to Davao...

This is it, the day have finally come and the play will be tomorrow [August 18, 2007, 2:30PM]. I’m leaving GenSan maybe tomorrow morning? Or if I have a company to go this day, I might be. And hopefully that I will be with someone I know. Hay…. I’m just so dependent still, when will I be able to do things on my own ALONE? I’m crossing my finger not to be sooo scared of something’s that shouldn’t be. I just don’t have the HUGE guts to do it by myself, but I’m trying too. Oh well, if I have nobody with me to go, and since I made a promise to Wella to watch “The Little Mermaid “play at CAP Auditorium, Davao City? I think I’ll hit the road single-handedly. Beside I do love that Walt Disney Cartoon, ever since I had seen it at tape years and years ago, I have to be there. I’m sure, I’m gonna enjoy it.

Wish me luck….I needed that and I want to be independent and stop being so scared…huhuhu… too bad, Twinks can’t make it with me, she have a duty on that day too…huhuhu….

Until then...


  1. oh so you did go??how was it?

  2. Yes, riding on a motorbike with my brother Eugene, that night i tried to explain that I'm going over, i don't heard from her because she's probably on duty, i kept texting her, and told her that I'm coming, too bad for me, i missed the show, they watch with her office mate, sige lang its all my fault, i canceled it first..

    however, i had fun with the long experienced i have with the motorbiking with the RAIDERS...its awesome, di mabayran jud as in, hopefully next time I could go with them.

  3. be careful! its dangerous....

  4. thanks alot dear... we did and we are actually alive now... tapos na jud akong adventure ...


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