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Retreat and Intramurals

Starting August 30 to September 1, the whole College Department will be having their annual retreat. This is one of the good payback for a Catholic Schools, they gave us time to relax and enjoy life away from the vast workloads. Away from the hometown and away from the administrations, during this day everyone is fair. No Administrators although even if we are all fair, that doesn’t mean that just because of that you don’t respect those who are still in the position and be a model. Anyways, I chosen the Sacred Heart Retreat Center, while other have their other venues. I have been into some of the places so; I have this in mind, why not to try different venues. Of course, I’m with my close officemates as well.

Time fly so fast, another University Intramurals of my Alma Mater Notre Dame of Dadiangas University [NDDU]. Students is also given themselves a time to enjoy and relax, to show their sportsmanship to different divisions. I remember being a Division Player in Badminton Women. My co-player is Ana Salazar, its good to have your best friend as your team player, everything will go smooth. After all the days of being sweat, finally we were 1st place I think, hahahaha….Students will coming back in the school not required, but to give it as a time for their practices. The activities will starts on 3rd of September up to the 8th. For more information about the said activities here’s the schedule below:


  1. hahahaha i remember intramurals and playing badminton, geezzz that was a long time ago... hey! didn't we just have loads of fun during college???hehehe

  2. Yeah dear, i don't forget those good memories because its really worth it to remember and never forgotten, right? well, i wish i can go back to HS and College Days, i would definitely enjoyed more of my days than before...hahahaha... hopefully someday, when ur here nor me there... we'll play badminton again... u and me, i miss those days with you really... and i'm missing you so much here too... take care always you much...

  3. i miss you too!!! i sure want to play badminton, haven't played in ages i swear!!!hahahaha i sux on it na i bet...

  4. Puhon anna, makaluy-an ta sa Ginoo ug hatagan ug maayong lawas... magdula jud ta ani..hehehe...akong mga mantika diri sos dagko na jud kaayo ba....

  5. aw ako d.i diri beh!!!hahaha parehas ra ta nov!


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