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I am eyeing on this

I have friends, co-workers who want to upgrade their phones into higher versions. Even to a smuggle one; they would risk to buy the item. I want to have a higher version myself too, touch screen, with TV Tuner, a higher mega pixel for me to capture sceneries or memories from my own phone without any help of the digital camera and 3G are the best quality features I’m looking for a phone. Hopefully, someday sooner I could get one; I think I will get satisfied with it. I have seen phones still not available online because it will be released on the next 2 years. Yes, and its tempting me to buy one, but where? and to who? Here they are:

'til then...


  1. the nokia's phone looks like an Iphone!as long as my phone can call and text i'd be fine but heck! i'm not going back to the 3210's or 5110's no more!

  2. well, i'm okay with that N70 phone i've got now, since i'm more into the photo capturing thingy..2 megapixel isn't just good enough for me. i dont need a camera no more thats why i wanted it to have all in 1 sa akong phone..kanang tanan naa na ba..heheheh... but hopefully sooner or later magka-kwarta kog enough para makapalit kog brandnew jud..hehehe..masking smuggle ra ...hehehe

  3. hahaha ayaw palit smuggle oy!!! bad na!:):)

  4. mao bad jud na diba. tapos ipang tolerate pa jud kay may mupalit, saon kay pagguwas sa market mag worth siyag 35K, tapos can't afford man jud ko didto nlng ko sa smuggle eh...hehehehe..sige lang gud di man permanente na....

  5. Why dont you buy iphone just wait for the second one to come out they said it has everything and you can watch youtube from iphone!

  6. Sararh: I've seen smuggle phone which will be released for the next two years. I have the one from Nokia the N100c if your familiar with it, its an iphone, and i think it has everything I needed...but the problem is, a friend of mine got it from someone she know, and only have 1 item available. so I have to wait, I couldn't find pictures from those smuggle phones because its not yet available online, instead I find those two as alternative...

    thanks for dropping some comments...


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