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Dang!!! I so HATE our connection

Our freaking' server really sucks to death... Why am I venting here? I was supposed to get the available featured review for me. Since I did tried my very best to get that opps our connection was suddenly not working. I am waiting for an opps and when I have the chance, I can't have it because the stupid internet server messed up! Once I'll have my own time, I will really write to the President for this Company of the pathetic internet connection they are serving everyone. Not just me, well I'm speaking as generally the major problem of almost every student, family and staffs. I mean that’s the very generous benefit they can offer us, but they have to block some page and we can't explore more due to this firewall? I'm really pissed off at them right now, and I will really going to write and comment in behalf of everyone about what is happening. Now, I am not sure when will opps gonna be releasing ads/ review that it available for my status. They are soo giving me a headache and because of this, I’m not focusing because I’m really pissed off. I’m sorry guys, but I need to let this out, so I won’t explode. Whoaaaaa…. Gggrrrrrr… Now, I don’t have available post for me = (.

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