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A Tag from Rosemarie

Whoohoo…. Since I was bored lately due of a slow approved bid or post, Rosemarie give me a tagged that helped me take off of becoming an oldie. Girl, I do appreciated this tag helped me though.

Her question# 1: "When did you start blogging and why?"

I start blogging when my closest and greatest friends leave us behind for a good and better life. We did exchange updates through it and we started it a long time ago. I think I’ve been blogging since June 2005 or 2004 see that? It’s been years now; the bad thing is that I don’t know when is the exact date I started blogging, In order for me to at least thank myself be proud and celebrate it, right? [charring]. But I’ll make it up look in to my archives to find it out.

Her question# 2: "What do you address your spouse as endearment and why?

I call him many names from sweet to bitter [which is in a teasing ways] and I bet he loves me more for calling him in a very unique names.. hehehehe.. right Jeffy?

Eds question # 3 : " Who's Blog do you admire most & why? "

I admired almost everyone here and how did joined blogging, why? That shows the unique and innovative of different human being. Everyone have their own opinion and on how they deliver it through in manuscript.

Remz question is: How long have you been earning in you blog?

So are? So good, hehehehe… I started to earn just months ago. I mean I started the reviews and ads earlier this year lang po. So far, I still don’t earn that much unlike those who started years ahead of me.

Let me give these fellas a chance to give me their own opinion regarding these questions. I’m passing this tag questions to Allen, Jualiana, Genny, Mistica, Sweet Marie, Ms. Tess, and Jet.

Girls, please let me know if you have posted this tag, so I can check them out and read your unique respond.


  1. Whew, very interestng question again. Ang tagal mo na palang nag ba-blogging. Hmmm, let me dig your archives.

    Ako naman 2005 ako nag start. Dapat sana 2004 pa *wink*. It's a long story.

    I-link na kita ha. Your blog has been passed in my criteria, he-he.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Aha...thanks for the tag. I will try to do this ASAP. Btw, blogspot is not acting up this morning, well come to think of it, it stopped acting up after I posted that entry where I was complaining/venting.

    Oh well...hope your Wednesday will be bright and easy...

    Ingat palagi....


  4. I have a great weekend, i have an error when i started to edit my footer on my template... unfortunately i haven't fixed it too, since i was trying to dig where to contact the administrator. so, i just left it behind nlng, and for some weird error? what i did, is to refresh the page for at least 2x i'm sure their database is acting weirdo, since there were thousands or even billions who did signed up on them. maybe they're fixing some things and upgrades...

    Dear, i do have a great Wednesday, thanks I do hope you'll remind me after you did these tag.

    God bless, keep smilin'


  5. @ Raquel:

    Thanks sis, I will link you up on my page sooner, when my browser will be fix by my administrator here... they just love to blocked the pages and gives us access denied page....

    but i'm glad we can link up together and keep in touch.. hows the weather there?

  6. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Done the tag....thanks


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