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Somethings you should know about Nova

A new found Amigo on the net gave me a good tag that helped him get to know more about how he tagged with. And I’m sharing you what’s about me. Thanks Denz…

I’m about to pass this tag to Raquel, Retch, Parisukat and Pretty Life.

Four things about me that you may or may not know in no particular order.

A) Four jobs I have had in my life and what country:

* New Account – Rural Bank – GENSAN Philippines, [this is our on-the-job-training]

* Clerk – Somitumo – Davao, Philippines

* Customer Force Sales – PLDT-EM-AMEN-GENSAN Philippines

* Secretary – NDDU [my Alma Mater] Gensan Philippines

B) Four movies I would love to watch with:

* The Little Mermaid

* Land before time

* Beauty and the Beast

* Harry Potter

C) Four places I have lived:

* Compostela Valley, DavaoPhilippines

* Lagao, GenSan – Philippines

* San Pedro Laguna – Philippines [1 month bakasyon lang ito]

* Lagao, GenSan – Philippines

D) Four TV Shows that I watch:

* Amazing Race

* TV Patrol World [maka-news na akong ngayon mga kababayan]

* Pangarap na Bituin

* Ilastikman [I was influenced by my elder brother, hehehe]

E) Four places I have been:

[All is located in the Philippines ha]

* Camiguin Island

* Buda, Bukidnon

* Tagaytay

* Iligan City

F) People who e-mail me (regularly):

* Spammers

* Friendster notifications

* Some friends [just a forward messages]

* Comment notifications that comes from blogger [to those who sent me comments, Tnx]

G) Four of my favorite foods:

* Roasted pig [Lechon]

* Crambs and Shrimps

* Tuna, Chicken Curry

* Nilupak [a mixture of smashed banana and grinned coconut with sugar, smashed together]

H) Four places I would rather be right now:

* Jamestown , NEW YORK CITY

* Japan

* China

* Paris

I) Four friends I think will respond:
* I surely think all

J) Things I am looking forward to this year: (what’s left of it)

* Since my page rank dropped down into ZERO, probably I’ll figure out how to lift it up.

* Earn more extra income on doing the reviews with the host I subscribe with.

* To do as many reviews as possible.

* Lastly, hayyy... to less eating too much....[joke lang]


  1. thanks for the tag girl!!! I'll do it soon!!!! just got home and a bit sleepy... my brain and eyes is too tired to write... mag explain daw ba!!! LOL! dami ko pending tags kasi... collect ko muna now! hehehe

  2. @ Pretty life:

    You can do the tag when you have enough time, buzz me when your done doing it....

  3. Hi Nova, I nalingaw kog basa sa imong gipang suwat diri, daghan ta ka parehas...foods, places...etc.

    Naka draft na ning duha ka assignment nimo Nova, wala pa lang na finalize. Grabe morag naa pay 4 ka tags nga pending.

  4. @ Raquel:

    Mama, you really make me feel excited here tuloy, pakibasa naman, kasi i want to know what are those things we have similarities... hehehe... makalingaw diba nga maka-ingon jud ka nga may parehos ta... excited na jud ko mahibal-an...

  5. done it girl! Thank you so much! Have a nice day ahead!

  6. @ Pretty life:

    your always most welcome for this...i'm glad to see that you did the tag na rin... thanks


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