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You and your kids are Invited to come

My very youngest nephew will be celebrating his 1st birthday on this coming 29th of November. I know, almost one day before “Bonifacio Day” [a hero celebration] but my SIL didn’t make it, she delivered a baby boy last 2l006 29th of November. And now it is his very special day, so come and join us. Hahahaha... I made that invitation, funny because I only noticed that lines of the pagemaker where I do that layout...


  1. hello Nova how i wish malapit lang kami dyan. for sure punta kami ng anak ko.hehehehe.. Bitaw happy happy b-day to your nephew i wish him the best of health

  2. @ Rosemarie:

    Girl, i'm sure your kids will absolutely be happy, since they have hired 2 clowns to make the crowed more cheering and fun....

  3. ur nephew is so cute and adorable

  4. galing naman!!! hehehe ka bday niya si Mother.
    Best wishes... Happy birthday!

  5. @ Ivy:

    thanks Ives, he surely does talaga, nakakapanggigil, every time i see him? i pinch his arms and whole body... hehehe

  6. @ Pretty_life:

    Napansin ko rin hehehe...thanks din Jin... may ka-bertday na mother earth mo...


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