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Lakbayan Tag from Raquel

Pretty Raquel, did shared me this amazing tag. These helps me see the places I've been with, well actually some of it where the places I have visited. I have never been into many places here since I would rather sit my butt at home and watch television.... hehehehe lazy me.

My Lakbayan grade is D!
How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.

I am passing this to get to know the places these girls went too in the Philippines, Tess, Jet, Emz, Sarah, Retch, Recel, Pretty_Life, Mrs. Brooks, Sweet_Marie, Mel, Marianne, M2M, Francine, April, Cecille, and Allen.


  1. Hi Nova, salamat pagbuhat ani. Nganong wala mani gipang link ang imong gipang tag? Linking helps a lot ra ba for PR and blog reaction in Technorati, he-he.

  2. hi Novs.. salamat sa tag! nabuhat naman nako ni sa akong bravejournal, pero buhaton gihapon nako diri sa blogspot. hehehehe.. ayoayo!!

  3. @ Raquel:

    Mader, salamat jud kaayo sa imong advice ha? I will remember that advice, and i'm so thankful of u sharing me ur knowledge..

  4. @ Emz:

    thanks girl ha? i checked it na. and i'm glad...

  5. Novs, salamat aning tag but i already did that at my blog. Take care dear!

  6. okay ms. tess....

  7. hehe... ito ba sinasabo mo novs? naku po!!!! ako po nagpasimuno nito! hehe... but i did this sa bravejournal ko. ito ibibigay ko sa u ang lin just so if if u wish to see my paglalakbay, ok? its this:
    try mo lang puntahan! saan ka ba ngayon novs?

  8. @ "rare jonrez":

    whoahahaha!!! founder ka pala nito ha? kasi naman eh... nakakalito.. sige lang at least naibalik ko sa iyo diba? i'll go ahead check your linkies girl... Mwah!!!

    Sa ngayon, andito pa ako sa land of Mindanao, same hometown of the world's famous boxer pacman.... GenSan

  9. done it girl!!! sakit na ng ulo ko hehehe Goodnite!

  10. @ pretty life online:

    thanks a bunch... i'll check out ur page to see what's ur score!


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