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What makes 7th of November so Special..

Before November Ends…

This is a very way long delayed and a belated update of my birthday. Yes you heard me right, my natal falls on this month and it was last 7th of November. Some reasons that I haven’t blog this ahead after the said date, since I got very busy at work and this was stocked on the unfinished files that I have on my desktop. I turned 26 during that day, its kind after the middle twenty’s age but I’m still happy with my life. Thankful for the blessings that I did received on this year, I hope more happiness, success in every thing that I wish and work for, good health forever as well as to my family here and my soon to be family in New York. I am hoping that the next time I’ll celebrate my special day is together with the love of my life, though will be missing the usual celebration I used too. That’s life, it has to change and move on.

Before I forgot, I celebrated it with the same birth date of our adopted at home named Naraniel she turned 16 too. Since it’s a dual celebration, they surprised us with these foods they prepared and we do both overwhelmed of what happened. I got invited a little close friends to joined me with the said celebration since I wasn’t hoping for this blast event they prepared. We both thanked this people who helped make our birthdays memorable and enormous.

I do have a little pictures captured during our birthdays and I would like to share it with you, so bare with me if you’ve seen blurry pictures. Don’t blame me, I didn’t hold the camera in view of the fact that it’s my birthday and I should be seen in it. My younger brother took all of these so I’m hoping you could see as clearly as I can while giving the impression of having that kind of output.

Captured Moments of Happiness....

I turned 26th this day.... obviously the girl is so much happy and thankful

My co-birthday date, Naraniel she turned 16th this very day too....
she's one of our working student @ home

blowing the two candles for each...
making a wish and hoping it will all come too

Harvey wants to give it a shot too.... he likes blowing candles...

Our foods....

There we are

Kainan na....

too bad, its really blurry, my bother and his gf.

Dat-dat's friends...

Me and Twinkle..

Dat-dat's friends again...

Kuya Rito.... gotcha! hehehehe...


Harvey and me...

I have to beloved and so thoughtful visitor...
Eduardo and Twinkle...
Guys, I am overwhelmed because you joined me this day.

the visitors

Thanks all for our celebration!
Thanks for reading...
'til then....


  1. oi d man lng kita nbati hehehe belated! miss ko na ang lechon grabe sa picture ang bilis nabalatan ng roasted pig.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LECHON!!!!! Oh why oh why did you show us this picture??? Gusto mo kami umiyak, ano?

    Nah, I know you just wanted to share...looks like you had one heck of a birthday! Tama yan kasi nga it might take a long time before you can celebrate it again with friends and fam in the Phils since baka by next year eh nandito ka na. Woo hoo...

    Anyway, happy belated bday....many more lechons este bdays to come..


  4. Hey Belated Happy Birthday!!!
    Mukhang ang saya-saya!! sarap ng handa mo...lechon,,,waaaa....only in the philippines...the best lechon in the whole wide world!!

    I wish for all your wishes to come true!!

  5. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Enjoy every bite of lechon while you are still there in PI. We don't get to eat lechon here as often as we want.

  6. Anonymous8:25 PM

    That was me pala, Rhebs

  7. Hi Nova, bleated Happy Birthday! Kalami anang litson oi, paibog ka man diha.

    Btw, busy kau ko ron, cge soroy2x, pataas ra rank ba. I might to monetize my blog later.

  8. naku naman novs, one heck of a celebration talaga ha.. nakakagutom naman yang handa nyo oi. belated nga pala.. now i won't forget ur b'day na kay ka-birthday man mo sa aong dear ate on nov 7th. grabe ha! biboha ninyo oi! cge, regards dha! naa ka sa davao karon? asa man mo sa davao?

  9. Belated Happy Birthday! I wish you ALL the BEST in life!

  10. @ Pretty life online:
    Day, salamat kaayo ha? pasensyahi lang jud kay wala dayun nko ma post ning akong blast celebration... hehehe... Thanks kaayo... *hugs*

  11. @ "rare jonrez":

    dear, thanks ha.. hehehe.. gusto ko lang share lechon with you here. kahit man lang dito sa page ko nakakain kayo [pretend nlng sa ha?] awww... thats good eh... kay parehas jud mi birthday sa imong sister... akong parents sa compostella valley sila unahan pana sila sa tagum, originated ko day sa gensan jud, sa hometown ni pacquiao [katong famous boxer gud]... thanks kaayo sa imong greetings ha?

  12. @Raquel:

    Gwaps, sunod inig uli nimo diri puhon pakaunon taka lechon lami kayo pagkaluto aning akong lechon ba. tapos lucky pajud kay i bought it 2K ra... hehehehe.. shocked tanan tawo sa balay kay daku daw lagi kaayo, pati tong tag-iya naniguro tapos sa dihang mao nlng jud na nahibilin didto... hehehe.. lami kayo ang balat ba.... so chrispy

  13. @Rhebs:

    Mao lagi, sos nlng unsaon nko pagkaon aning lechon puhon makapuyo nko sa NY...kapaet.

  14. @ Meldz:

    Girl, thanks for the greetings.. oo napakasarap talaga nag lechon na yan... hehehehe...

  15. @ Pinay Wahm:

    Di naman masyado, hehehe... salamat sa imohang pagbati ha? hehehehe.. pero i'm still happy kay we have the same month masking mauna lng ka nako.

    I dont what to miss the lechon jud ba, especially katong sa tiyan na part? katong parat-parat sos nlng jud unsaon nko ni ba....

  16. @ Sarah:

    Gwaps salamat sa greetings ninyo sa akin, masayang masaya ako dahil kahit belated update ko na yong sa birthday ko, at least i still felt that while reading this comments, para bang birthday ko pa... hehehehe...

  17. Anonymous1:34 AM

    belated happy birthday! kalami sa lechon oi! ayyyyyyyy karob2 jud ang panit ba. haha

  18. @michelle:

    thanks michelle ha... for the greeting.... oo lami jud kaayo ang lechon...

  19. Nov sa 27 sadko pariha ra diay ta ug month. Belated Happy Birthday lami kaayo tan-awon ang lechon nimo diha. Thanks for the visit.

  20. Ang sarap ng lechon. Nakakatulo laway. Belated happy birthday to both of you.

  21. wow! kalami sa Lechon oi! miss ko nah!! hmmm... Nov 7 is special day to me too! coz its the day when I first met my hubby in person! i would never forget that day.. and its your bday pala. Belated Nov. hehehe....better to be late than never right!

  22. @MeryDith:

    sos... ka-month day diay ta? thanks MeryDith ha?

  23. @tiotem:

    hehehehe... lika kain tayo? salamat sa pagbisita ha? *hugs*

  24. @Emz:

    Thanks.. so that means next time, since u won't be able to forget that day, that means, you'll greet me on time.. *wink* hehehe...

    thanks for the visit girl ha...


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