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An Award and An Amazing Tag

Early Monday, I have a wonderful and happy blog hopping to each member of the friendzz… and found out new tags, awards and these amazing friends who never fail to visit my page. I do appreciate for the care you showed me here. Words are not enough to give you all, but Thank you.
Now before me getting into a dramatic introduction, I was tagged by Denz with this funny and amazing thing he got on his page. And I was really triggered to share this tag to these particular people namely: Jet, Sarah, Merydith, Allen, Raquel, Daff, Sweet_lullaby, Rosemarie, Recel, Retch, Marianne, Parisukat. Try this and please tell me what came out yours.
And I came up with this award.

True Blue Award…
Rosemarie is a good adviser to me, we did exchange knowledge with each other when it comes into the blog world. Thanks for being so nice to me into everything day, keep it up ha? And please don’t change jud… *hugs*.. Pretty Life Online did shared me graces on this award too.. I'm so blessed lately, thank you God, and would graciously passed this to Raquel, thanks for all the help dear.. I wish to give you a BIG SISTER HUG for the sweet things and for teaching me LOTS here...


  1. yay, NOvs you touch man ko sa imo message. hehhee....of course i will always be here for you day. share sa ako gamay na knowledge ur snag sa imo knowledge hehehe... thanks for this tag day i will check this soon . hay hope dili ko HS under grad as a blogger ehhee

  2. thanks for the tag. did thius on my personal site! :)

  3. @ rosemarie:

    okay day. makalingaw no? hehehehe... nahan jud ko.. at least bahala ng undergrad akong blog... hehehe...

  4. Go na kaayo akong miga diri sa paid ads uy. Sos maayo nalang sa? Anyways ang ako kay genius ray makasabot sa akong blog. Genius diay mo tanan kay nakasabot man. Ayo-ayo diha Nov and I will try to visit if I get a chance. TC!

  5. nakooooo Novs, tapos na ako dito. ako yung tu-mag kay denz! lol. halika sa blog ko at paki scroll down ng kaunti at nang makita mo. hehe! :D salamat ha? regards dyan!

  6. Yay, another tag. Thank you for including my name Nova, tataas na naman ang technorati ko, ha-ha. I'll do this tag pag di na busy ha.

    Btw, kahit tapos ka na sa ibang tag, I'll still include your name ha, mag tinabangay kita sis, he-he.

    Congratulations pala sa award mo, di pa ako nakatanggap nyan. *wink*

  7. @MeryDith:

    Whoa... may pagka-genius pud intawon gud uy..saon mga genius ra may magkasinabtanay diba? *wink*... ayaw nag react diha... hehehehe.... thank you for doing these tag dear.

  8. @ "rare jonrez":

    this is the 2nd time nga ikaw ray ni-tag sa nagtag pud sa akoa bah.. lingaw uy... makatawa nlng jud ko ba sige lang gud that shows nga anu man ang ginagawa mo sa iyong kapwa eh bumabalik din sa iyo.. char! pero that means only 2nd thing, i dont forget to include you *hugs*

  9. @ Raquel:

    sige sis, i'll edit this and please don't hesitate to grab this award okay? you deserve this dear...

    okay lang if you love to include me into those tags, i'll just send you links in return if in case you don't see that i had made the tag you tag on me... thanks...

    musta naman ka? naa gani ko 4 tags nga wala pa mahuman, tapos katong akong life update.. wala pa jud mahuman pud... hehehe...

  10. Ha-ha, salamat misis. Another award collection na naman. Kilangan ma post ko talaga lahat ng tags and awards before mag 2008.


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