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An Early Xmas Celebration

7th of December was the planned for the early Christmas get together with my batch mate in Highschool and College. I was invited by a very close amiga Mistica to join them on their get together on this day, without any doubts of it I bought my gift for our exchange of gifts. Mistica, Cecil and I met at NDDU and proceeded to Dolores Farm Resort, I’ve never been into that place which is located at Polomolok South Cotabato, good thing they have their promo and we have a 50% discount on their room rates which actually worth it on their actual price. And got there at 7pm, by the way it’s a 20 minutes travel from GenSan, you would not regret of this and there were other local transportation in order to get into the place… oppss. .now I’m advertising this place they should have to pay me for these… joke!!! Anyways, I got you a picture so you could see the place:

Meanwhile, we had our dinner sponsored by a friends Cecilia who went home for Christmas last month, and she paid all the food expense… isn’t that awesome? Hehehe.. thanks a bunch and I do hope that you’ll read this entry. It was almost an amazing night for me, but unfortunately after the whole celebration a bad luck just came hit my right in the middle when everyone is sleepy sleeping. I got a toothache, it is very very painful, that awaken me from a deep sleep @ 2:51am. Imagine I was asking Mistica’s help but what she did is that, she just listened to me and then fell back to sleep, I don’t want to bug her so, what I did, I went to the CR and gargle and brush my teeth, but the pain is killing me, I did tried to called my Jeffy but its no use nice during those time he is at work and he left his phone inside his car. What I did? I stayed inside the comfort room and tries to stock a cold water just to relieved the pain that I’m feeling then spit it out and do the same thing, I did that for almost 5 hours until we got home. Good thing that it hurts after the celebration, because if not? I would surely have a memorable night remembering that I have an awful night. But I’m still lucky, hehehee.. here's some pictures to share.

In spite of that, later after we went home. I ask my sweet Mistica to accompany me to see the dentist because I could no longer take the pain. I even took 500mg Mefenamic pain reliever but it isn’t helping a single bit. Later after 2 hours interval, I took another 500mg I know its really bad, but I don’t really care, my tooth is giving a last breath.. hehehe.. I just don’t like too much pain that’s why I’ll take whatever will be the chance to take it away. Good thing after hours of carrying the pain, a very strong pain reliever just helped me and with antibiotics to be taken 5 days after each meal, even if I planned not to eat at night since I was advice to take the medicine, I don’t have a choice but to eat. By the way, after the dentist I went to Mistica’s place since its their patron’s feast, we ate lots and even if I still have the pain, I can carry now… hehehe and took some pictures on Mistica’s photography I need to help her on her computer so I was stocked at her place until I fall asleep and woke up around 5:30pm.. every one was gone except me.. hehehe…

Thank you to my photographer...


  1. Nov ka lingaw ninyo tana-awon uy. I can't wait to go home na jud. By the way naa ko award nimo para this blog naa dinhi If you get a chance lang Nov. Take Care !!!

  2. thank you so much misis Merydith... i will grab it asap jud.. pero na kalaray paman gud ni ha? so i'll buzz you when i'm done..

    i had fun doing this... masking sakitan ngipon after...

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM


    I'll view the photos pag uli nko unya sa balay. Thanks for sharing! I hope you feel better na :)


  4. @ Allen:

    I feel better na jud len, thanks to the dentist and the pain reliever that helps me took that killing pain i felt jud... makabuang si mistica akong perting bug uy...

    but i'm so thankful she's around jud...


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