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Sorry guys

For my fellow amigas and readers, my deepest apology if I could not make it in replying your messages as rapidly as I was given that we are experiencing currently a technical problem with our connection. Some pages [chosen pages] will be executed online and some are don’t explanation given by the administrator to us is, one of our provided got totally shuts down [having problems on their system] so my major problem here now is that I cannot go access into your pages to visit. Please bear with me if some pages earlier were been visited and the later comers didn’t [hehehehe, what a term no?!] were not been replied. I hope that this will be fix soon as I have need to gather all the reviews I wanted to aim this month.. *wink* Not only that but most of all is to get connected with my fella sisterits here.

By the way, before I forgot I might not be able to update and post my page right away as I was because I’ve heard from our national TV Patrol World News last night on the plan of conducting a strike in different places with the drivers which will include General Santos City as one of it, this is probably due to the high price of gasoline. In that case, if the planned will be proceed that means no work, no class and everyone will be staying at home [but I doubt this will happen] and they also plan for an extension on the day after the said date.

So far, our school didn’t release any notice regarding of the said NEWS yet this time but since the NEWS even if it is broadcasted on the air, we still have to wait for the President’s Memo on the said issue. This means HURRAYYYY for me, even though I could not chat with my Mahal and I might gonna miss lots of reviews that will be release on the 2 days.

I hope for your understanding, and hopefully to see and check out each page soon…

Thank you for reading….

‘til then….


  1. hehehe parati nalang yan prettygirl... wawa naman u!!! girl, i have something for you in my blog.... please visit me if you get some time

  2. Good thing of having your private vehicle, that helps alot jud to bring you anywhere...

    public transpo is prohibited to work jud ba... ginaharang jud sila... but i'm glad that i got here safe jud...

    wawa din kasi mga drivers eh... grabe ka taas sa gasolina uy...

  3. k lang na oi two days ra bitaw.mora lang na ug 2 minutes :D.

    have a nice day.

    thanks for visits. mwah

  4. @ Mabelle:

    lagi, pero ma-miss man gud nko the usual nga akoang ginabuhat... visiting your pages... *wink* then u know the post pud.. ehehehe...

    but sure i'll live ....


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