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Francince’s Awards for me…

Early this morning, I was not in a good day, why? Well, my back pack was been dirt all over it, since I placed it behind my back. And dirt was all over it, I washed it in the office the first thing I get there and now I’m just waiting when it will get dry so I could put my things back. Hehehehe… inspite of what happened, I’m thanking Ms. Francine for the awards she passed on me, this brings smile to my unfortunate morning.

I’m passing these awards to this kind and good people that I met online: Rosemarie, Allen, Jhona, Denz, Pretty Life Online, Julai, Juliana, Chari, and MeryDith. Thanks for everything, and like me you deserve awards as well.


  1. yay!!! katakot dito.. mga awards nyo ang taray! hehe... congrats!!!

  2. @"rare jonrez"

    thanks girl... dami kong mga awards eh... good thing that they do find me those awards....

    welcome day!


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