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Remembering them…

12th of February 2007, we were all alarmed of the live news reporting on a mass murder inside the mall where innocent people who had been shot This is the 1st year of the tragedy at Salt Lake City’s Trolley Square Mass Murder in the state of Utah. It makes my heart downcast remembering of what happened during this day to those innocent people who died in just a snap of a hand. Without even knowing the real reason why their lives was been taken away from them that fast. I know it’s not that simple and easy to handle the situation especially if one of your families was a victim of it, yes…

Teresa Ann Blair Ellis
January 26, 1978 - February 12, 2007

My fiancee’s sister, Teresa Ann Blair Ellis, 29 years old died on the said Massacre. It will be a forever heartfelt of sadness for him and his family, but surely Teresa’s memorable moments spent with her family will always be remembered and be kept inside their hearts. Let’s pray for the souls of those who died on this attacked. Let us keep them remembered inside our heart.

Let’s take a pause for a while, offer a prayer for them as well as for their families who were left behind. May ALL their souls be rest in peace.

Thank you for reading…


  1. oh... this is sad novs..

    but then again, pilion nalang nato ang nice memories nga iya na-spend sa iyang family.. mao na ang ok i cherish forever.. :)

  2. @"rare jonrez"

    I'm making the most of it day, have to be more understanding to my fiancee than before, because they were totally super duper close with this sister... that's why his really sooo affected and everything...

    thanks for the sympathy day...

  3. I have heard about this in the news. It was so tragic. Im sorry one of the victim was your fiancee's sister.

  4. condolence to your fiance

  5. @ Sheilalu:

    It's really horroble for him and even if i don't meet her yet? i dont think she deserves to be taken in that horroble way.... that's why i think i need to be with my fiancee soon enough to help him cope up of his lose... they really were soooo close with each other...

  6. @ Sarah:

    Thank you girl, i'll tell jeffy about your symphaty


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