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~ Francince’s Awards for me… ~

Friends they are the one who will always beside you especially when you needed a hand because you are having troubles, problems and they will be there for you no matter what happen. And there are only few friends who consider you as true and be with them forever, they don’t tolerate you but won’t EVER leave you from anything. Must be the one who understands and would never Ever get jealous of things, that is what a FRIEND should be. And would never ask you anything in return after all the things you did for them. I’m happy that I have found friends online, which make them, help me into whatever I am not aware off. So, as one of them, Francine is one of those kinds, thoughtful and sweet friend that I cherished the most here. Thank you for being a friend to me., Don’t change and always be a down to earth person.

Now I’m passing this friendship tag to: Rosemarie, Allen, Raquel, Jhona, Juliana, Denz, Sarah, MeryDith, Joy.


  1. hi Novs thanks for this friendship award i rally appreciate it. thank also for the concern

  2. @Rosemarie:

    after all, what you did for me? i've seen sooo much kindness inside your heart, a down to earth friend that i really wished to have and will be treasured...

    i hope and pray that whatever happens, you'll remains as what you are and don't change...

  3. hi novs! thanks a lot for the nice comments. that's so sweet of u. i'm good. thanks for asking. how about u? hope u're well and good too. take always. God bless! (",)

  4. You are lucky to have TRUE friends.

  5. thank you for the award Nova. You're always be my friend.
    please vote joydob here

  6. thanks for d visit.everything is fine. hope you are too.

    have a nice week.


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