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~ Why am I indebted for??? ~

January 8, 2008, fresh tagged from Jean, thank you for this one girl, even if its delayed but surely I will want to appreciate all the tags that I owe to do. Here it is:

1. My family, for no matter what happens they never give up on me.

2. Good health for me and for my family, as well to Jeffrey’s family too.
3. My Job, that God had given me, and the blessings they He gave not only to me but for my whole family as well.

4. Very Close friends [you know who u are], that never left me inspite of what I did, and I’m so thankful that they are still showing me that they still care and love and accepts me for who I am.

5. Friends who are always there for me.

6. Opportunities. That God had given to me and will continuously be given to me.

7. Paid Blogging and meeting new friends here in the Blogosphere.

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