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~ Do you know why? ~

I was gone for awhile due to some important matters to attend in Manila, like mostly to you people who married foreigner, I bet my time has come. I got a noticed from online notification and thank God that after my 3 weeks vacation when Jeff visited me last January, I checked my case number and fortunately found that the Embassy of Manila had an appointed time for my medical examination and my embassy appointment. I never got my packet due to a missing information in my address [blame it to my fiancĂ©e, am I that bad? No I don’t blame him at all,] he forgot to complete my home address. That’s the main reason why I never got the packet. However, the feelings of mixed emotions were what I felt for the waiting time of the said appointments. I was gone in Gensan from 23rd of February up to 5th of March just this year. For more information about my said appointments? I will detail everything after I’m done editing that article. Did I left my story hanging? I will make sure that I will tell you all what happened. What did the console gave me? A very BIG SMILE…


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Hi nova
    Ha ha ha yes,subukan ko if mag-work hahaha kc bumaba n ang PR ko kaya pero oks lang oi wala ng tagboard para sa comments na lang.Muztamos naman ka naa ka Gensan now vacation?
    I saw ur pic in Davao City muzta na hehee salamat sa comments ha!

  2. Hi girl,

    thanks for the visit ha? really appreciated it, sige bitaw girl, try jud ha? then share pud nko if it is really working, kay i need to increase my PR, alam muna i need to earn at least something while working, i think i have lots of spending to do lately too..

    oo, i'm back in gensan na jud day, been gone for awhile dahilan nga sa mga appointments na yan, but i'm glad its totally Positive...

  3. Anonymous8:37 PM

    yes,totoo yan sis may nakilala ako sumagot n pinay siya nung tinanong ko ulit di na sumagot hahhahaa pero nasa malapit ko lang siya sis...kaya nga dami talaga snob d2 hehehe akala muna kung sino nakarating lang s tate hehehe if mayaman sila bakit naman sila nag-asawa ng puti hahahhaa ...pag-mayaman sila s pinas dapat di sila nag-asawa ng puti nag-tourist n lang sana hahahha mga hilas jud lagi oi sagdan n lang kay mao ilaha kalipay day hehehe


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