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~ RoseMarie's Love ~

Before I left here for another set of vacation, Wonderful Rosemarie gave me this LOVE award and I’m thanking for these award that she gave to me. Since it is a delayed award, I’m blogging this here now.. thanks again rosey…

Now, it is my chance to Spread my LOVE to this bloggers who never gets tired of coming and checking out my page even if I'm not around lately. This award stands as a " Thank you" for the thoughtfulness you all are showing me, Juliana_Pinay Wahm, Francine, Sheilalu.


  1. thanks day nova for doing the tag and i am happy for you that finally you manae to withdraw your fund at paypal. yes u need to wait for 5-7 days but u can try to check after 5 days

  2. thanks for ur help too day...


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