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~ Got another Tag ~

Gagier’s Tag somethings about me to know more about. Thank you for this sis.

I'm tagging FrAnCiNe, GeNnY, Imelda, IvY andJ h O n A

I AM… a loyal friend, lover and daughter.
I WANT…to help everyone in as much as I can
I HAVE… a very amazing family and friends who is very supportive with me
I WISH…that everyone in this planet could forgive and FORGET [but that’s impossible] be backfighters.
I FEAR… of loving my family and love ones
I SEARCH…just anything that would comes in my mind
I WONDER…why there were so much bad things that happens lately
I REGRET…Nothing at all.
I LOVE…everything that God’s creation
I ALWAYS…be trusted
I AM NOT…the person who will leave you alone…
I DANCE…when I was in HS
I SING…a lot and always..
I CRY....when I remember someone that I missed so much.
I WRITE…to share my feelings and to communicate to other persons
I WON…champion in singing contest all the time when I still joined it… hehehe
I AM CONFUSED…when sometimes I don’t focus in the issues.
I NEED…to help my family and my future one. To budget and save
I SHOULD…be aware of not eating too much since diabetes is in my heritage.


  1. Thanks for tagging me, sis. I will make it later. Busy bloghopping right now. You have a nice voice huh? Remember winning in the singing contests, too way back in my elementary years, too.

  2. @Imelda:

    hehehe... that means you too like me have a talent??? that sounds great....


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