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~ Just Reminiscing My Debut ~

Hayyyyyy... time flies so fast for each of us. I can remember before that I was only celebrating my debut [or 18th Birthday] and now here I was. March 18th I was invited to attend a simple celebration on the 18th birthday of Ms Rachelle Armonio. While spending the night and observing her merriment, everything that was happened during my days just flashed back. From the sounds, to the 18 roses, the 18 candles for wishes and 18 gifts/ treasures for the debutant that's the usual tradition Filipino girls who turned into maturity age will be. The night was memorable for everyone especially to the debutant whom her family never fails to give her supports, the one who make the party more alive and humorous is with help and humor of their emcee. She did help give life to the party and such; I was wondering when will be the next time I'll be able to attend such a memorable debut celebration.

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  1. wow party!oi nagcelebrate pud di kag 18.ako kay wala kay abi nakog lalaki dli ko kilangan ug 18 roses.hehehe.

    nwys, thanks for reading my wrong g*** posts.hehehe ulaw pud da.nice ra ba kaayo kang grammar sa imong mga post diri.

    have a nice day!


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