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~ My US Embassy Interview ~

02 March – got totally tensed for the next day errand which will be for my US Embassy interview. I slept too early so I could be up early for the next day.

03 March – Finally the day has come

2:00am - woke up too early, take a shower and finalized my documents for the appointment. [I photocopied Jeff's copy for my appointment so I could show it to the USEM guard]

3:00am - left the house with my Brother-in-law, since he will have a night shift work in the US Embassy printing press.

4:30am - arrived at the US Embassy's and proceed to the guard house. Too early for my 7:30 appointment, was advice to wait at the waiting area and wait for the guard to announce for our turn. I've seen Pia and Carren, which I met during our medical examination at SLEC. Since, we have the same date of interview we decided to stick together. That way, I don’t get bored waiting and at least had someone to share my feelings and excitement.

6:30am - 7:30 scheduled was called to get inside the embassy. I showed my appointment letter [the one from Jeff's copy], Identification Card [my company ID]

· Got inspected by the guard and an automated detector to scan your bags and any things that you had. BEWARE!!! Cellphone is strictly prohibited, better not bring any or face the consequences.

6:40am - was already inside the Embassy and waited at the blue chair that was arranged and wait for row to stand up and submitted our form to the first window that was called us, what should prepared will be:

· [2] DS 157 form [filled up and with bank printed at the bank for the payment]

· [2] DS 156K form [filled up and with attached 2x2 pictures on it]

· [1] DS 156 form

- The lady who was in-charge to scan my paper asked me about my passport and I told them that it was at St. Luke [SLEC], she said "OK" and gave me the electronic number of "7097" and told me to wait for my name to be called for finger scanning.

This time, since I didn't brought cellphone with me and I have not watch on my wrist, I never got the chance to check out every time I was called. So the time was assumed here:

7:50am - got worried because my name wasn't been called for the finger scanning, and after 20 minutes of waiting I was called to go to WINDOW Y, and hurriedly I know there is something wrong. The in-charge asked me about my Medical Result since SLEC haven't forwarded it to them yet. They told me that they called the clinic and told them that they gave me the envelop which I didn't get any thing from them. So the guy told me to wait for my name to be called.

8:15am - I was called for finger scanning at Window 16. Took my number and was ask my complete name and undergo the finger scanning. Given back my number and told me to wait for my name to be flashed on the screen for the next step.

8:30am - Number was flashed to proceed to Window 29, a woman aged 40's pre-interview me. Asked for my, Birth Certificate, NBI, Cenomar, Form 1040 – 2005 & 2006 and gave me back 2005, Affidavit of Support, pictures, and emails from Jeff. She asked me questions like:

· Who is my petitioner?

· What is he to me?

· Where did we first me?

· When were the first time he visited me, and the last time he visited me?

· What is his job?

· She asked me if I was from Davao City. I said no, we just visit the place often. I told her I am from Gen. Santos City.

· She asked if he ever married before. And I said he never get married since.

· She even asked me if I'm already 26, and I said YES I am.

- I was so polite to her since she's treating me rudely at first; I provided her a photocopy and a certified true copy of my BC since I'm sure that they could not read my authenticated one due to its very black output. She even told me strictly something like "Did I asked you to provide me a photocopy of your BC?", and what I responded to her? "Well, you see madam, I provided you one since I know that you could never read my authenticated BC since it's to dark." And then she looked it and without a word, she just node her head… hahaha… now, it turns out that she was the RUDE one, I mean, just because she's there working? She could treat me such a shit??? Some were nice, and would even give you a big smile. Some were just actually born as rude and cruel. Jealousy perhaps? I hope not… well, I can't blame them, if they choose to be cruel.

8:50am - My number was again flashed in the screen for the console interview. My spirits were not at peace yet due to the pre-interview that was been done to me by that woman! The male in-charge was calling my number and proceeded to Window 31. A blonde American woman ages on her 30's was there giving me a big smile, and so do I, she asked me to hold for a minute, while she's verifying something on her computer. Then:

· Raise my right hand and Swear: Everything that was written on the papers was true, I said YES, I swear.

· She was scanning my papers and asked me questions like:

o Could you tell me about your fiancé?

o What is his job?

o Where did we first me?

o Where did the last time I saw him?

o If I plan to work in US? The funny thing was, I put No in my document and I answered her YES, someday to help my fiancé.

· You should be HONEST into everything that you told to the console, they're psychologist so they would know if you're lying or hiding some things.

· After the interview, she told me: "Well wait for your medical results, and I don't see any problems on your paper". I was smiling and so does she, gave thank you and leave the room, waited for my name to be call for the next step.

9:00am - Name was called at Window 37, was told again that they will wait for my medical results again and I can pay for the visa delivery.

9:05am - Paid my visa delivery. And Hurray!!! I'm done for the day.!!!

When I left the establishment, I was still hanging of what the console told me. I'm sure that I didn't have any problem with my medical since during the time they gave me my x-ray film they told me they'll send my result and passport to the US Embassy. I got out around 11am and proceed to eat lunch since I haven't eaten any thing on that day. But I'm fine now since the Interview is finally over. To be honest with you, I'm thanking GOD for the guidance, for giving me a smooth procedures because I never felt any nervous like shaking or feeling so cold during the whole process. Except of what happened during my pre-interview, I guess she's the one who just treated me not that good at all. But I'm thanking all of them too, for the chance they gave me to be with my fiancé soon. Hurray!!!

What about you? Do you have the same experience as I do? I would love to listen to your unexpected US Embassy experiences.

Thanks for reading...
'till then...

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  1. your article really helps, i have a scheduled interview on july 2. quite nervous. I've been searching for possible questions that might be asked during the interview thats why i found your site.



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