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Totally Despressing

Let say, there are other people were bless from up above. Others were just unfortunate and needs to crawl up more higher than what was been expected. And let me say, I never go the BIG SMILE from Google lately. I never even experience in my life having a Google page rank higher than 7… I think I’m still lucky aside from others who just never got page rank of 7, and I am not sure if I did have the same page rank in Google. I did my best in order to come up of having a higher page rank, but I guess that hard work isn’t enough in order for me to be paid for it. Am I been punished? What do I have to do in order to get at least the maximum of page rank or PR 4? Am I that demanding / ambitious of getting that page rank? I hope not, all I just want is to at least experience having the page rank for at least in my page… That is why, sometimes it was totally disappointing knowing that my hard work isn't good enough. But I ain't giving up on this, challenge might be the answer in order for me to reach the Page Rank that I am wishing to have.


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    don't worry about that, novs. ur time will come. remember, great things come when u least expect it. my PR came as a big surprise for me. so don't lose hope, ok? u take care always. cheer up! (",)

  2. girl, I've been blogging for years now and the highest PR I had was 4 before Big G slapped it to nothing.

    I don't care PR anymore...I make money without do not worry and enjoy blogging.

  3. Nov I have been 0 for the longest time. Naa ra man sad gihapon mogawas. Naanad nalang gud ko nga 0 akong blog.

  4. @Lynn:

    Thank you for that comforting words lynn. Well, your right things comes when you least expect it... hehehehe... well, i really am not bothered about it, but sometimes just can't help it, since it never came up that surprising you know.... *hugs*

  5. @Lutchi:

    I guess your right girl, but since i never got a zero reviews lately i think that's fine, well, maybe i'm just impatient lately since i needed some extra cash for some important things to be done...

    thank you for that warm comforting words

  6. @MeryDith:

    I guess your right too sis, i won't be bothered with this EGG [0] thingy, since i do have N/A in G. hay nlng jud.. i'm not sure why ko bothered ani lately... hehehehe...

    Thank you sis


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