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I’m taking it off….

Not my clothes, but my shoutbox. I would like to inform you all my friends, viewers and readers [Murag korek!!!] that starting today, April 11, 2008 I’ll be taking off my shoutbox. There is no enough and fix reason as for now but I’ll be exclude it in my page. Who knows, I’ll be putting it back again, please don’t hesitate to leave me your messages, comments into my comment box in my designated articles. I will be very much happier to see you coming, passing and dropping by at my page and tells me how and what would you think about my page. I would love to hear your inner thoughts and opinions just like the way you message me here.

Hope I could still see you around here and hear from you just like before.


  1. Its Ok Nova, we'll keep visiting you here! :)

  2. abi nako unsa emo huboon! hehhe..
    as in gwapo kaayo si jon avila... :)
    ty sa tag..

  3. It's okay, sis. I always try to read your posts as much as possible.hehehehe.Here i am visiting you again.Hope today is a better one!

  4. Ows.why o why and why? i wish u didnt remove it girl. anyways, it doesnt make any difference, i read your posts everytime, anyway. Temperature here, it was 32 degrees Celsius.There were scattered rainshowers. I love the weather today, generally.


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