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It's my Collection...

Hairbands anyone? How do you actually say it? I get confused, on what is the proper and correct way of calling this collection... Is it hairbands? or headbands? [not sure of the spelling either] But for now, correct me if i'm wrong with my grammar, I'm using hairbands...
Anyways, as I mentioned earlier I'm talking about my recent collection, yup, I got hairbands and in different colors. Since I got different color of my dresses, I was thinking to match it to the dress colors I have, so that's it… I just want you to see these crazy color hairbands as many of my co-workers liked to own one.. hehehehe…

I think I'm degrading instead of moving upwards you know, sort off being still in the teenager stage. But I don’t think I am, just because I like to wear hairbands. My other way of fashion. And since I do have a very long hair and it gets into my eyes, I think I just needed one of it.

What about you? What kind of collections to you have lately? Mind of sharing it to me? I would love to hear what's yours.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    hehehe pagod na nga ako sa kaka diet novs, kasi dati nong naga climb pa ako I don't have any problem with my weight, pero ngayon hay nako! dambohala na ata ako hehehe lols :) tnx for dropping by and nice collection of headbands!!!

  2. hi sis, thanks for always visiting my allinkorea! buti ka pa may collections...ako na ba ang collections ko..hmmmm...

  3. Hi nova, you have cute collections!!!

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    cool collection! Have a great day ahead...

  5. Anonymous5:03 PM

    keep collecting...I haven't have ne in awhile..hehe passing by here

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    hello sis here to show sum luv

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM

    blog hoppin here hope to see ya around

  8. Head band collector ka pala...haha. Ako dati but now hindi na kasi sakit ulo ko...

    Hopping here lang...

    TGIF na dyan...

    Ate Juliana

  9. hay like your head band collection ako kay murag dili ko angayan ani

  10. yeah i wear headbands too but it depends on my mood. have a god morning sis!fiesta fiesta na pud, ce ka ug pamista diha?

  11. Hi Nova, thanks sa visit, ok na ngipin mo? Hope it is.. Ako, collection nako mga letters I kept it, yon lang...

  12. Anonymous10:59 PM

    hi.. linked you up already..

    nice bands you got there.. used to collect and fancily used hairbands (awat ko sa imo term gigamit.. hehehe..) in my grade school days..

    now i collect dolphin memorabilias.. hehe..

    have a nice day.. :)

  13. sos akong Nov di palang maglabad akong ulo anang headband kay sos dugay ra unta ko ana. Maglabad akong ulo ug maayo bisan dili siya huot mao na nga dili jud ko hilig although cutan kaayo ko.

  14. hi nov, hopping here and reading. i like headbands but it gives me a headache after wearing it for a few minutes. hehe

  15. Anonymous2:19 AM

    added you nah! heheh how are you supernova? did you save anyone's life today? ;) God bless you!

  16. Hala ka! same with me novs, hehe. I have like more than 20 and counting hahaha!

    Maybe I could write a post about it soon with some photos haha!

    BTW, kindly give me your YM account, aron makatalk pud ta about the domain and other stuffs...

    Catch u sometime soon! Have a great weekend!

  17. Very cool! See u in my blog.


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