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How to Survive the 5 Most Embarrassing Dinner Date Mishaps

I got this article from Yahoo and Yes, I want these to share to everyone, even if you’re married and have partners in life that doesn’t mean we don’t need this anymore. I hope these article will helps you to know something just like what it helped on me.
Dining mishaps come in all forms. And no, we're not talking about using the wrong fork for your salad! Spills, slip-ups, unsightly smears, these can turn a delightful dinner into a bit of a nightmare. Here's a guide to make the best of some messy situations...
  • The Spray Chatting while in the midst of chewing a bite is never desirable, although sometimes it's unavoidable. If you accidentally spit a bit of "collateral" on your company, it can be downright mortifying! Take a napkin and playfully wipe them off. A laugh and a shrug can do wonders! If you get lucky and they don't happen to notice that spot of food that landed on their sleeve, reach over and brush it off by touching their arm to emphasize something you're saying -- they'll never know.

  • The Whole Tooth Poppy seeds, fresh ground pepper, and shredded lettuce are top threats to your dignity. There's nothing like enjoying a delicious meal and leisurely conversation only to discover you've had a ribbon of green stuck around your tooth for the last hour. If your date points it out, laugh it off and graciously excuse yourself to remove it. Do not try to pick it out at the table! If you discover it on your own by way of a trip to the restroom, let it slide or make a light joke of it when you return to the table (depending on whom you're dining with).

  • The Spaz You pick up your fork to take a bite of tomato basil linguini and then SPLAT, it's all over your lap. Whether it's pasta sauce or iced tea, there's nothing slick about spilling food on yourself or the table, but you can handle the aftermath with grace. Just smile and say "whoops," then gently wipe yourself off with a napkin. If the spill calls for a more hardcore anecdote, excuse yourself to the bathroom to wipe it away with soap and water. It's better than feverishly scrubbing at the table.

  • The Drop Out If you drop a utensil on the floor, flag the waiter and politely ask for a replacement. He or she will generally retrieve the fallen item, so you don't end up diving under the table. Handle it as a non-event and move on with your meal. If you're at someone's home, subtly retrieve the item and go to the kitchen to rinse it off.

  • The Food Face Even for the most cautious diners, certain foods are always a bit messy -- take hot-and-cheesy pizza, sauce-laden barbecued chicken, and double-decker burgers for instance. If a speck ends up on your cheek, no worries. Delicately wipe it off. If you aren't aware of it, and your companion points it out, wipe it away with a good-natured laugh and a "thank you!!" When your dinner date is the one with a little stray sauce on his or her face, a simple "you've-got-a-little-yummy-right-here" will let them know in an amusing embarrassment-free way.
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