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Just One of My Days...

The day has finally arrived, that I’ve got to see my famous Sarah Geronimo at the airport in PERSON, as she has a concert with Mark Bautista this week. And I was bummed to find out last night that I won’t be able to see them on her concert. Why is that?!!! My whole family is going for a trip tonight heading Compostela Valley, Davao City. The family decided to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday on a resort there. They want us to experience the nice place as well as the VERY COLD spring.

We are leaving tonight, so we have enough time to get ready for the long preparation on Sunday morning. We could have flown on Saturday morning, however, my mother insisted that we should flee tonight. Because my Father has to attend a company seminar, we have no choice but to go.

What a day and yes, I’m freaking out here as well. This is my chance to see my favorite singer perform live and up close and now because of the changes, that will never happen. Sad but I have to weigh and think what’s more important… and Hhmmmmmmmmm… family comes first, right? Sometimes we need to sacrifice for a greater cost.

However, this is one of the days that I’ll be spending with my family and soon I’ll be migrating to a new country to be with my fiancée. Spending most of my time with my fambam is one of my priorities nowadays. Men!!! This is really hard.

So that means, my Sarah concert will be cancelled, I’ll be out for work again.

We thought were too late, we’ve seen police cars heading fast in the opposite lane and I was feeling so disappointed. As if my heart was being crust because I couldn’t even see her personally, I even bought the camera with me.

………….we reached the place and good thing I got back living again when the policemen told us the good news. Sarah’s arrival will be this afternoon at 2pm, with Cebu Pacific Airlines, I think I’m so blessed now and giving myself more encourage seeing her there again.

The question is… did I went there? ……………… YES, I saw her personally that I could die tomorrow… hehehehe… well she’s really pretty, tall, slim, small shape face. Finally the day is worth waiting. Just too bad, I could not be there to see her live performance.

Did I take a picture of her? We tried, but we are unprofessional photographer so it is still useless. Yeah, I know, we tried  though, but the crowd was just mad and very chaotic. To see her personally is good for me.

So anyways, I think I just have to wait for another chance again. To hear her live and I am hoping for that someday.

Moreover, I finally got our river tubing pictures that was supposed to be posted for the past months. It is one of the experience that my family and I will never forget. I’m sure you heard about Water Tubing at Maitum? That kind of adventure is so much fun that I'd like to do it again someday.

Fun of the trip

See the fun just started..

And so does these here...

Meal after a long shouts, fun and laughter...

Got really that hungry that we still kept eating...

Its about time to swim..

Another look...

At the dead end...

Of course the pictorial after a long fun...

I hope you all have a blast weekend of course with the whole family, just like meh… I will get back to you as soon as I’m back from the trip.


  1. whoa hehehe ug ako d naku ibaylo ang kalami sa suba magpa didit didit day Avon.tiaw mo na kalami ana tan awn oi.Nya b adto kas concert wa man kaila si Sarah ug Mark nimo so alkansi ka? mau pa pauraray nalang kos suba nga daku hehe..

  2. wow kalami baya maligo no? subay ko dunhi para pod ko naligo na . lamia gyud maglangoy-langoy sa suba......

  3. Hey Novs...

    Nice pics...lapit ka na talaga pumunta dito...

    Ingat lagi and enjoy your weekend...


  4. hi NOv's okies lang dai i made a temporary video oi and planning to change it later kay mo expire na man ang task hehehe.. enjoy your vacation with your family

  5. whewwwwww! what a nice pics. love it.. awwww! musta na sis?

  6. Anonymous1:21 AM

    nice adventure... great pictures!!!!

  7. Anonymous5:47 AM

    hello novs, really miss our family outing, if i was just there. i might have my own post too. you know how i love to post in the camera. miss you guys and god bless.

  8. whooo na miss nuon nimo si Sarah, pero ok lang at least ur all having fun sa inyo enjoy ko watch sa imong mga picture diri super nova...happy weekend guys!

  9. Well, at least you were able to Sarah even though you were not around during her concert. hehehe.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Anonymous6:00 PM

    got you tagged here yads. sweeta sad ninyo oi.basin hulmigason mo duha ha

  11. Nice pics. you had a blast! by the way, friend, got a tag for you. cheers!

  12. Hopping and checking you out again. Take care.

  13. Oi! Better luck next time nalang kay Sarah G. Novs...

    Great pics u have here!

    TC always!

  14. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Hey novs,

    Just a heads up, like I told you permi na spend all of the time you can with your family. Your Service Center may be faster but you'll miss your family a lot the first two years as in tulo jud imong luha hehe.

    Sarah Geronimo is a good singer but there is always Youtube hehe. At least nakakita na jud ka niya personal bah. When you are here, you get used to not seeing the singers you want to see live or maybe basig makit-an na jud nimo personally si Taylor Hanson- yay naa ra ba sila sa new york ron. Oh my fafah zach, I still want to see them perform live in the future.

    Get well soon!


  15. ako weekend kay mingaw man day kay ako pc nabuang man oi. okies ra to day next time na lng hehehehe...

  16. hello sis!! hope ur ok now! tag u. do it nalng if u have a time. happy monday sis!!

  17. hi nova, i enjoyed the pics here,thanks!

    when are you coming here?

  18. Hi Novs...

    Hopping here....hope your week is going well...


  19. good morning nov's hows ur morning? bitaw oi mkasapot jud wa intawon ko makapanakop sa dollar for few days sayang jud ay.. karon i miss 4 kaopps na kay multi tasking ko noon. naglaba laba pud ang ato beauty.

  20. Hi Novs...

    Salamat sa pag pakita mo ng picture ng baby namin sa inyo dyan.

    Hay naku magkakaroon ka din in the future. Baka nga mas madami pa. Kasi ako medyo old age na nag asawa so old age na din nagkaanak.

    I'm sure your kid/s will be very beautiful. I was looking at that picture of you and Jeffy each holding kid. The way Jeffy was holding the kid shows na he will be a very good opinyon ko ba kasi he seems really protective.

    Anyway, enjoy your time with the family dyan. Kasi once you fly here taon na ang bibilingan minsan before you will be able to see them again. Kaka miss but such is life and we have to get on with it, di ba?

    Have a great day!

    Ate J

  21. Hi Nova, thanks sa visit ug sa imong kagat sa akong baby,hehehehe... His not so fat in person pero medyo may muscle sya. Thanks so much sa nice words for my baby.. Nindota place sa inyoha,may suba man... Bugnaw gyod na diha for sure!!!!!!!, have a nice day nimo....

  22. hi agi agi lng ko... pls check this out and let me know what you saw

  23. Anonymous6:40 PM

    wow ang sarap maligo dai hehehe doing my rounds here...

  24. Anonymous9:05 AM

    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


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