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A Featured? Or a Bug?

What and where is justice here? I woke up so early hoping I could have showered with graces online, yes there was but it was a yellow or light green [I think I'm color blind] I don't think it is a yellow green and all were grey.... hay..... I have noticed this featured thing since yesterday and even asked Nalyn if she have the same available post in her dashboard. What a? But she says she don’t have it? And I have been trying to cross my finger and since I've been grabbing that featured unfortunately, it only gives me the same answer; I don’t meet the opportunity requirements. What that???!!!! I thought when your approved they will give you every post that you can grab and which you meet the requirements. So, then finally we think [ Me and Nalyn while talking] thought that it is a bug.

Don’t you have the same experience as I do? Isn't it heartbreaking?


  1. hi nov's good morning i understand what u feel dai kay it sometimes happened to me. I saw white opps and when i grab it i did not met the opportunity and heck the opportunity stay longer in my dashboard. nakakainis talaga. my bf sometimes log in to my account and when i ask him if he can see any grays he would say all is pink

  2. aw diay??? d ra diay ako ang naka agi ingon ana? kadaghan naku ana makalagot kay mapalaw ka cge ka grab nya d diay pwede ang katong pwede nimo wa na click una ang labas gray na.

    na jud pud uban nga dagku au payout 20 18 ug uban pa nya wa ka meet sa req.unsa na ila bugal bugal haha..

    tuod tenk u sa pagpasundayag sa akong tabaching ha? hilis pud akong pahak ana duh hehehe..tuod balik balik nya lang day Avon

  3. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Hey Novs that is always happening to me too with the delahoya boxing fight and with the others. Freaking isn't it.?

  4. hi sis Nova! that problem had been in PPP for a long time until now d pa rin nila mahanap ng solution, but they are trying their best to solve it. ganyan din ang nanyari sa akin. lol. tnx for the visits always ha! mwahz!

  5. Hi, ! Novs was hre doing my daily routine .Have a nice weekend

  6. nice post.... :)
    blogrolling as well... thanks

  7. hi nov, musta na. enjoy kaayo mo tan-awn sa pics. btw, i saw sarah and mark having a concern in leyte. bagay sila duha, gwapo ug gwapa. hehe mga nindot sad sila duha ug tingog, ang mga audience sad mora gi hulmigas kay gi kilig to the bones. haha anyways, basin sunod maka tan-aw naka sa ila concert. :)

  8. Hi Novs...

    Salamat sa dalaw. I have not experienced this [and I am hoping I won't]...hopefully, it's just a one time thing...

    Enjoy your week.


  9. heheheheh wa nimo nakita ang 9 dolphines hehhehe


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