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Sick After a Day of Fun

Sick smiley

I’m talking about myself, I got skip office last 16 to be with my family and spend time for my niece birthday. And yes we have so much fun at the swimming pool, a day of that, I wasn’t feeling good anymore because of the stress day at work and at the same time, I am having a sore throat. I gargle salt with water in order to cleanse that irritation I have in my throat. I thought it will be gone and I’ll be fine after doing the treatment, but it gets worst when we got home after that long day. Hay… now I’m at work again, need to show up, I felt sick, weak and got irritated with my sore throat. I guess this is not my day. I can’t wait to end up the day so I could go home, take a long rest and feel okay after this bad day. Though, I’m happy that I got fine opps lately, seriously I’m getting serious with it now.


  1. get well soon! oo nga, kahirap ng 300 words mag sulat hehehe buti nga natapos ko.

  2. hi novs, salamat sa pagbisita. Get well soon pud diay. uso diay sakit karon?

  3. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Hi nova

    My god..hope u will be ok soon nov's hehehee wala nay magbilin message s akoa joke....get well soon..

    Thanks and god bless

  4. Hope ur ok now sis. It is caused by the inclement weather, i guess.

  5. get well soon and got a tag for u, grab it if u like.. :)

  6. drink tons of water and gargle more! get well soon nova!

  7. Hey Novs...

    Be well soon, okay? Salamat sa laging pagdalaw sa aking blog....

    Ate Juls

  8. sorry to hear that, i had sore throat too last week, doc prescribed me penicillin.

  9. Anonymous1:58 PM

    btw nova kindly add my 2 other blogs here and im going to add yours now.



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