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OMG!!! Moss tops Glamour fashion list, Minogue tumbles

Gotta’ share you what I’ve found out in Yahoo!!!
LONDON (Reuters) - British supermodel Kate Moss has regained her crown at the top of Glamour magazine's annual best-dressed women list, replacing 2007 winner Kylie Minogue who slumped to 19th this year.
Moss, 34, dominated the list before the Australian pop star overtook her, but Minogue's fashion choices during the past 12 months have been too "outlandish" for many voters' tastes, a spokesman for the magazine said.

Behind Moss was British actress Sienna Miller in second place, followed by U.S. actresses Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston in third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

"Kate's back with a vengeance," said Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour, of the poll decided by Glamour readers. "Her maverick approach to fashion is an inspiration and shows us all how to be a little more daring and experimental."

Minogue's slide was partly blamed on her appearance on television talent show the X Factor wearing a figure-hugging lace catsuit that divided viewers and fashion watchers.
Topping the worst-dressed list in Glamour this year was U.S. singer Britney Spears. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was voted ninth worst-dressed of 2008, but also came 10th in the best-dressed list.
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  1. top worst dressed pala si britney...siguro nga...hehehehe...hi sis, thanks for the visit!


  2. Kate Moss rocks the fashion world. Oh well, sorry Britney! How can you dress so well when your mind is wandering around???
    This is a nice entry,my dear!You're so updated,ha????I wonder why my opponent Victoria Beckham was put in the bad dressers' list? I just hope David Beckham has not been philandering again!hahaha!It's been a long time i had read about them!thanks for your post!


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