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Why am I not around?

Hmm… let me start it when, the first day this morning. It was started busy and until the end of the day? I’m still busy that I could not even comb my hair. Really, its all a mess but what can I do? Since, I’m lacking of GIA [working student] to help me with my works in the office, there are still many applicants and inquires who keep coming in and out in the office.

I know, I hope that you will forgive me since I have not checked your page immediately today and for the following day, it is because in only got one body. I even used 3 works at the same time, totally dreadful, surely my body needs a long rest tonight. Oh well, but I’ll promise to make it up soon, after we picked up my replacement. Sad to think isn’t it? But they have to replace me for good as I will be moving on to my other path.

Please bare with me today and for the incoming days that I might not be able to visit you, I know it is a lame excuses but I’m doing my best.

Regards to all, may you have a wonderful blogging days… *HUGS TO ALL*

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