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Q & A tagged

Yup, Let’s take a break for awhile from my pains and aches.. hehehehe.. Though almost the same, it's time for another tagged from Ms. EmmyRose and Ms. Francine. Thank you much with this girl. Which I would love to share this to: GeNnY, and JeAn
What time do you usually wake up?
- 5:30A if I have work, sometimes I turned on the snooze for 5 minutes and then snooze it for like 3 times before I finally get up and sometimes very late.. 
10am, 1pm is the worst depends on the day and the weather, this is whenever I don't have work.

What’s the first thing you do?
- go to the bathroom and you know for 30 minutes… hehehehe…

- I always have coffee and milk and a bite of a bread
Do you go to work/school?
- Work in a University still, yet I’ll be off work by the end of May 2008.

Do you like it?
- Which one? Working or quitting? Hehehehe…

If you stay at home, what do you do all day?
-blogging, chatting to my bf, surfing

When’s lunch and what are you eating?
- our lunch break at work ends up at 11:30 sometimes during that hours but since Mr. Manny Pacquiao is in the office for his schooling, I have eaten my lunch like almost 1pm.

What time do you get home from work/school?
- approximately 6pm, off work is 5:30PM

What do you do?
- prepare for dinner, clean the house organize the things at home

Dinner: When and what?
- I don’t eat dinner sometimes

What do you do to unwind?
-sleep and belly dancing

What’s your favorite part of the day?
- afternoon, because I know for sure I’ll be going home and spend time with my family and watched BEN 10. heheehhe

Who’s your favorite person to interact with?
- my family
When’s bedtime?
- before like 9pm my time, and since I got internet access at home I slept around 12am
Who’s bedtime with?
- by myself… hehehehe.. [poor nova]
I do hope you had fun reading my entries, if not? Hmmmmmmm.. maybe next time I’ll be more humorous.
Thank you for the visit.


  1. Anonymous2:02 AM

    hi! thanks for stopping by nova :)

  2. done with the tag sis!

  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

    hi.. thanks for dropping by.. linked you up already.. check it out.. :)

  4. hi nov's okies ra ko dai nov's nanakop noon ko ug dollar.hehehehe

  5. hello! thanks for visiting..can we exchange links?

  6. @Poray:

    i hope you come back, i can't see your URL.. please leave it here and i will add you back...

  7. Anonymous4:29 PM

    hmmmmmmm! interesting one " belly dancing"... I wanna it too!!! lol!

  8. Anonymous4:31 PM

    correction : I wanna try it too!!! lol!
    masyado mabilis mag type hehehehe

  9. Anonymous12:17 AM

    i already finish this tag Nova i forgot who gave it to me...


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