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TOOTH Update

As I was complaining here about my swollen face and the toothache it caused me yesterday. I took an antibiotic for the whole morning in order to prevent my tooth from giving me pain and not focusing into my works. The first 5 hours of the day was so easy…. But it gets worst and even more painful the following hours; I can't even concentrate to my work since the pain is giving me the hard time to get focused, I don’t answered phone calls, everyone is noticed me as being weak. I walked from one office to the other without the jolly faces I am giving to my co-workers. The pain is killing me, lately this afternoon; I went to see the dentist, my former dentist ever since I was a little kid. And the good thing is that the wife recognized me still, and I'm grateful for that she definitely knew me still.

So we were discussing about my teeth, and do the checked up and even decided right there and then my cleaning schedule. I got BIG and VERY BIG overhaul teeth thingy. I need to get this fix since I'll be moving to NY soon and I wont want to sit my butt in going to different dentist to one more thing, I've heard that dentist cost too much here than purchasing your plane ticket roundtrip to Philippines.

Now, the pain and my swollen face is sort off back to normal, she gave me some medicines to heal and then well do the root canal? … Am I hearing it right? Yes,… I have no choice I don’t want to suffer toothaches anymore. And I'm gonna let them fix everything.
confuse smiley

The question is like this… How much will I be needed to pay for the whole dentist thingy, I'll be starting tomorrow for my "pasta" I don’t know the medical term of it. And to think that I have plenty of teeth to be undo. How much will I owe this dentist? Where will I get that money instantly, hayyyyyyyyyy.. I hope I do have a fairy godmother so I can wish that my teeth wont be this annoying..


  1. Aray ko...just reading your post makes me feel the pain. I think a toothache is one of the worst pain ever. I remember wanting to crush my tooth as soon as the dentist uprooted it when I was in high school. Gusto ko parusahan yung ipin kasi it was hurting so bad. Fortunately, ok na ang aking teethers today.

    Tama ka about the cost of dental here. Mahal. I had a filling [pasta] in one of my tooth when I came over here. A few years ago, natanggal. The dentist said na hindi na pwede lagyan ng pasta so he advised me to have a 'crown' for it. Guess how much... $700 for 1 tooth. That was in 2004 ata. Can you imagine kung magkano na yun today. Oh, I'm very sure it's much more expensive sa New York. Baka triple or 4 times pa ang presyo.

    So my advice...take care of all your teeth problems dyan before you come over here. The payment will just be a fraction of what you will pay here.

    I wish I am a real "tooth fairy" then I can come help you....hahaha...

    Take care...

    Ate Juliana

  2. Naku Novs...about the Bloggerwave...I I don't understand how that site works as well.

    I've been a member since October 2007...I have only done 2 posts. Di ko alam how they give the ratings but one of my blogs stayed at half a star for the longest time. Yung Pinay Wahm star until yesterday ata....sus.

    Anyway, they have very few opps so you're not missing anything...

    Ate J

  3. Hello Lara Croft, The Tomb Raider...Nova in short, am so sorry to hear about your teeth lamentations. i can feel your agony and how i wish i am a fairy godmother right now to heal it. I know how it feels. I had terrible toothache before and just like you,also lots of fillings to be done. I had my 2 fillings done in the UK before(2003). Just the normal fillings("pasta") and how much??? you won't believe it!200 pounds for the two teeth and that was almost 5 years ago wherein 1 pound is 102 pesos.So,meaning just the filling from a private clinic costs me 20,000 pesos.ah,that's the way it is, that's why it is very important to have health insurance.good thing we have. Anyway,take care,my friend.You can get over that soon.

  4. Hi Nova, thanks sa pagdaan.... Ohhh..ang pinaka hate na sakit sa body so far ngipin, i experienced it... ang pain connected sa head superrrrrr!!! sorry to know that Nova......anyway thanks a lot sa dalaw..

  5. hi novs,thanks a lot for the visit. I hope your teeth are ok now.

  6. Hopefully you fairy godmother will visit you tonight and ease your agony. Hope your ok.

    btw, care to ex link?

  7. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Hi, just to thank you for your recent visit.
    Take it easy with the dentist - the other comments are correct, it costs as much as a car to have your teeth all fixed if a lot of work is needed.
    My Missus just went self-employed, and now has no dental plan, and I figured out that we spend about a thousand bucks a year just for minor fillings if needed, and for twice yearly checkups, and that is for two adults, and one child. So, it now becomes a major monthly amount that needs to be budgeted for, so, get 'them gnashers' all into good shape before leaving the Phils!

  8. Anonymous6:36 PM

    "Toothache" can make day miserable.... Hope you'll be fine...

  9. Sis, im happy you are back again in the circulation. Pasta (filling), ihave lots of that in my teeth, too.Cge, sis go for it!Toothache can be so excruciating and u wish u were stabbed instead of it.

  10. Hi ! friend kaya mo yan , he he , he, me rin naiiyak sa sakit.... tapos nagugutom me di ko makakaon ng husto .Hayy buhay ... nyway ayo-ayo lang bisan my sakit.. Luv u and God Luv's u too.....

  11. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Bitaw novs, costly ayo ang dental care dinhi so if you have time- please diha nlang jud kay double ang bayad ngari

    Hope you feel better soon.



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