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Baby's Bath...

I love watching while the baby's was been taken a bath. I have my brother's toddlers here and the youngest is only 1 year old. When they've been bathe it makes me keep looking at them, not only that I am amused of the fun they have while taking a bath, it also shows how kids do love waters and plays on it.

Hmmmmmmm.. What was I looked like when I was taken a bath before? Nobody could share it to me, and I'm sure my mom does forget what happen to us, since I got a huge family that could make her confuses of what we did.

The solution so your kids or future kids won't get whine at you or ask you too much questions that you might forget, video tape at least one time memorable scences or events, until such time that they can remember what's going on with them. Not only that, when we get older or them, we can watched the past and how funny it was then.


  1. ako kay kulba ko ky di ko kabalo saon paligo sa bag-ong anak. di na lng tingali liguan..hehe

    tasteful voyage
    a mom's note

  2. i can laugh at lira's comments. I was the same too then. It was my mother who bath my babies, until they were "strong enough for me to hold" hehe. Sis, u practice bathing a baby now.By the time it is your time to bath, you'll not mess up anymore hehehe.

    sis, nag power failure diay ko last nyt.didnt bother to open my ym na lng when it light up again.sori!

  3. hello there added ur link as Nova under my blogroll just check it when u get chance, sorry for the late reply...take care always...

  4. hay buti nman ako jud ay namatay hangtod lagi karon wapa maulii adto pa baya ni November ata o december ah basta di pa pasko adtong nabagsakan sa ako anak perte sakita oy gsto ko murahin anak ko di ko nagawa.Gumapang nalang dong sa banko kay wana ko kalakad sa sobrang sakit grabe. tuod diay msta namo?

  5. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I got a lot of my kids video giving them a bath.. its fun to watch over and over again..

    I am tagging you Nova...

    By the way, I didn't know my cousin anneberly is on your blogroll.. Didn't know you're the one she was telling me about the template until I saw your comments.. lols.. so I am giving it to you now... here is the link.. if you have any problem ask Anne coz she knows better than me..

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hello :) doing my rounds, hope to see you in my page and enjoy your stay! Can ask for a favor Nova, please change the link in my other page named Denz here is the link: tnx,Have a great days ahead and TC :)

  7. Yes, ako kay ginakuhaan dyud nako video ako mga kids uy...naa pod ko daghan pics about sa bathtime nila.hay,we are also a big family....hay,wala dyud my pics na nagbath uy tungod kay bomba man mi sa una wala bath tub uy!...hehehe...!!!hay,buhay!!!!


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