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Pissed while Blogging

Not to the people but the setting, I hate doing some post at home... Why? instead of being comfortable it's different for me, as I comfortable using the Microsoft Word and the settings at work than at home. I am bewildered every time I made some post and everything is ruined once I'm about to copy and paste the said entry on the dashboard of my Blogger. Every single alignment will be ruined and from the numbering up to the spacing.

I mean don't you feel bad about that? I want to make each entries to make it more comfortable while reading it and makes sure that my friends and readers will definitely read it and understands..

I have no idea for now, why is this happening to my home computer..


  1. ayayyyyy!that's definitely tough,dearie friend! But take it easy kay ang atoang wrinkles!!!!!Hay,mahal ra ba magpa-facelift sa NewYork, unya mahal na pod ron si Belo!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    that did it on our computer also. It just started grouping all things together. Don't know why.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Hi Nova, bisita ko nimo, ganahan ko anang mga cartoon character pics nimo asa mana nimo makuha? baby bath ang title post nako karon gusto ta ko ana, anyway have a nice day ......

  4. Hi Novs..

    Just doing some hopping here. Hopefully, you're no longer pissed...haha.

    Enjoy your Friday...weekend na naman...

    Ate J


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