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Favorite RenuzitTriScentsHomeMakeover SemiFinalist

I have to tell you that I need to help my fiancée with his home development issue and I think all those prayers will come true once he willl be undergo with a home progress / alteration a totally Home Transformation.

And a good thing is that I visited as they transform your Home into a better and more comfortable one. And help you Transform your Home with Tanya Memme as they got a contest with this as well.

But still I'm lucky to say that even if my fiancée is working too much lately, he can provide his own home transformation..

I felt sad while reading an entry from one of the semi-finalist in these contest, which tell us of how they can't really afford in beautifying their house with their own financial support. And I have chosen these entry among the 10 [ten] semi-finalist from the gallery. It tells us on how the parents were sleeping on the living room as they don't have enough room for 3 people in the family. It’s a good thing as well that they give more importance for their kids than thinking of themselves. I do salute those parent and children who strives so much in order to make a family to a better life. Why not give chance to this family and give them an improvement to their house and give them a comfortable life after a stressful day of looking for a financial income after a day of work. This is the one that I've seen while voting from the contest they conducted and see more from their semi-finalist gallery.

A great idea from as they gave out a marvelous contest and instead of giving out cash, they will provide you a Totally Home Development or they call it their contest as Transform your Home with of course Tanya Memme.

Are you encouraged of what I'm talking here? It would be much better and great to visit their website at and check out for their gallery so you could also vote for your own favorite choice which will last the submission until 7th of June 2008.

This way, for your favorite entries / video will win, you could not only help these contestants a worth of $20,000 Home Development you also have gain a big smile into each of the member of the winner.

So what are you waiting now? Get more of these at as they will give you a surely Home Transformation.


  1. tagged u here novz

  2. hi novs. good day. how are you? thanks for the visit and the comment.. but mura d man to smuggled novs kay sa mall man to gipalit, sa ayala center. haaay,, bhala sila basta kabalo nko ngano mu restart. ok ra karon ako cellphone hehehehe

  3. hello! have a great friday!

  4. hi, droppin by have a nice weekend

  5. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Ni ce house... I wish i made the money..

    Hi Nova, noproblem about the tag.. I just thought of including did u got a new template?

  6. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Hi nova, nice house.. thanks for the info

  7. nice contest, How can I join? hehehe girl oh nasaan na Skywatch mo? hehehe

  8. hopping and checking lang girl.

  9. mareh, graveh nakakuha diay ka ani nga paid posts.. ka-nice oy..ako sige na ni ug balik pero wa pa jud ko kakuha..way swerte ang lola nimo... makalagot lagi kay ma timingan pud na gamay kaayo akong Realrank ug nia ni nga ad...hehehe

    musta na gwaps?

  10. Anonymous1:32 PM

    i voted for them too.


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