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Email was Hacked?

I know you can email / or sent e-mail to your account. But situations like this one? I don’t think I will be able to send myself such a crap mails. I mean, why would I do that for? Not unless it is important that I want to stored it in my email…

It happened this way, I was checking out my bulk mails to check if there were e-mails that was not registered on it that was placed in my bulk mail, while deleting some spasm, I have noticed that an email sent for me using my e-mail addy???

So I was like, what the???!!! I opened it and checked if there might be some names included in it, but it’s all my email address, and how can they use it? If they don’t have access on my e-mail.

One thing for sure, they can access into my e-mail for them to send me that crap! I was worried as I have stored some important files on it, emails I received and now I won’t be careless with it and instead stored it into a safe device like CD or USB.

Have you experienced such things in your e-mails? That means it is not really safe now even to your e-mails they just hacked it and used it. It would be advisable to change passwords every week.

In order for this hackers won’t get into your accounts that easily. They are talented to hack your accounts and even stole your identity.

Much better to be careful nowadays.


  1. Anonymous3:03 AM

    ohhh boy, we must be careful with this email hackers nova. dangerous! even here in our system we have problem because all our email, they consider it spam. we call the telephone company about this problem. actually 3 weeks i cannot access to my email account.

  2. nice suggestions sis, i will do that. i was once emailed that i won a substantial amount in Great Britain Pounds sterling. I wish it was true, but it was so good to be tru. Oh crap people, i hope they would leave me alone.

    sis my new domain is

  3. hi, sis buti di nag eror page makapagleave message ko sau ?Sis pwede ba kita add sa ym ko? ano Ym mo?

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    yahoo is not safe.. ..use ur domain email..passing by here Nova

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Hi Nova, i'm here to visit you and have a great day

  6. Hi Nova, just visiting and have a nice day and thanks for the visit too....

  7. Novs,

    This is rather sad. WE should just take extra precautionary measures. BTW, thanks for the frequent visits even minus my tagboard. I miss reading from there but I got too tired too of the spammers, grrrr! JUst do the tag girl in ur spare time...

    TC ALways!

  8. Hello sis! Thank you so much for adding me and for the comments! I already you in my blog friends. Love your blog sis, i enjoy reading it! Take Care always and best regards!

  9. hi, im sry to use this space . i mean i don find any chat box in ur page.. by the way..visit my page now and put ur comments. i remember that u have told me that my construction of write ups impress you. tel me that a flaw.. i have any chance of exploring it..etc..ur esteemed thoughts this small fellow //thankin you.

  10. hello Novs... Thanks for always visiting me place. Have a wonderful day!

  11. ugghh just recently my husband account was hacked and use his card to purchase something.. it makes me mad knowing that some people are doing this shit..

  12. yes, this is really crazyy.. these hackers need to be punished.but where are they?ah, probably we are the one that should be very careful. But i hope they'll be caught!hay unta madakpan ni sila ni Duterte uy kay para paadtoan sa mga DDS!hehehehehe!


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