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Will be a Wildest Vacation

My fiancee was telling me that by the time I will be there sometime in June which is perfectly for the Summer Season, he will take me into places and tour me into different vacation spots. All he need to do, is to take a day off from work so we could spend time together not only that, he can also give me a tour of the wandrous of New York.

Into my curiousity, I was excited to search and surf different places, I need must be sure that it is a sightseeing tours that way, we won't be able to worry about so much. As I was surfing in the net, I have seen very nice and interesting places that I can suggest with my fiancee to visit with.

I want also to experience riding on their what they call Classic New York Double Decker Bus Tour , which also offers tour of different places in the City. We don't have it in Philippines and I'm wanting that much to ride on it, experience what would be the different and aside from that, it will also lead me into a most comprehensive and popular tour. Sounds fun to me..

After the experience of the Bus tour, we can proceed to visit the Central Park Movie Sites Tour, while browsing that there are so many nice things to captured from it. Beautiful sceneries where me and my fiancee will take pictures and so we can put it into our vacation trips album.

Experiencing the City Lights Twilight Cruise of New York , as you can read it, it may already sounds romantic. As the you can see the sunsets together holding hands and dazzling reflection of the buildings, seeing the whole New York City from that bright shine day into a dark romantic evening. Where lights will be turning on, which could be hundreds of thousands of it to each of the building.

A Dinner into New York World Yacht Dinner Cruise , since while waiting for the whole evening to get late. As we all know that this City never sleeps, I'm sure that even if it will take us 3 hours into yatch to spend the whole evening, they won't kick our butts for the reason that they will be closing and docking.

This is the only half of my sightseeing tours and more experiences I will be having during my first New York visit. Not only that on the next step for another set of vacation will be Chicago, that means I'll be able to list down Chicago things to do.

All of this is a great information and detailed that I got from, where you can find other different tours and attraction places not only to New York but into other great and amazing City's. They will give you a tour package and offers great discount as well for you to give a great and memorable vacation / trips with friends or family.

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  1. Sis i miss u already this early, lol! Have a good time in New York sis. Soon New Yorker na akoang friend. I wanna be in ur baggage if i will fit so i can go to New York, too, hehe.


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