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TAGGED TIME: Your Beauty Secrets...

I find this interesting tag from Francine Maganda, like her she shares her beauty secrets and so I was passed on this Tag and let you know how Natural I am.

I do hope you like this as much as I did:

My Foundation: Hmm… I don’t use foundation… it makes me sagged my face.
My Blush: Again, I don’t use blush, hahahaha…
My Day Cream: Chinsansu [not sure of the spelling, in short UMISO gud!]
My Lipstick: Not particular in brand though, but I do used lip bam
My Essential Beauty Product: just an ordinary lip balm and lip gloss
My favorite Make-up product: I don’t use make-up’s
My Perfume: Not in particular, but I love the smell of CK, and light smell cologne
My Nails: Purely nail cutter only… hehehe

My Feet: Will be done by my wonderful auntie.
My hands: I put lotion on hands after I went to bed, as during those hours I can’t wash it.
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: soap, powder and toothpaste
Women I admire for their beauty: Dayanara Torres, Angelina Jolie,
Women with the best Sense of Style: Sarah Jessica Parker, The Spice Girls … hehehe

My ultimate dream: To become a famous singer, that way I can contribute to the Music Industry of Philippines. [lagi ug matinuod, pero its only a dream]

My favorite fashion Publication: Vogue

I'm tagging; Gagiers_Amazing World, IvY, Jackie's_Simply Pinay, JeT, JuLiAnA, LiZa, Lynn's Chic Spot, Imelda_My Daily Thoughts and Moods and Ms Tess Life in Tate


  1. hi nova, thanks for dropping by my blog. exchange links would be great so i'm gonna add you to my links na ha. :)

  2. tag for u sis

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Hi Nova, thanks for the visit:)

  4. Hi Novs...

    Happy weekend. Enjoy it.

    Ate J

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM

    hello dai...labay lang ko...ingat lagi..

  6. Hi Thanks for popping into rabaul - nice to read your blog

  7. iakw ha wala ko nimo tagayi ani.pero ok ra oi ako ni kawaton bahala mosugot ka or dili kay nahan ko ani duh

  8. hello sis! tnx for the comment. yup na add na kita sa YM ko. happy weekend!

  9. I hope your dream comes through! :)

  10. Anonymous4:33 AM

    hi, friend agi ra sa ko unya abutan ko brownout. ingat........

  11. hello novs. thanks for this tag. nice ni ba, exciting! what is, ampay sa mga girls. will grab it soon, ok? not feeling that well pa jud. ingatz. :)

  12. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Novs, human na akong tag, check it out here at: thanks a lot, ayu ayo!

  13. Thanks for the tag Novs...will do it now...TC

  14. Hehe exchange tags na lamang ta. Different version is this one sis. Hay, im tired sis for this week. I just woke up to blog now. No opportunity for me. but i just lobe to blog hop. Will be off again to work now.

  15. Hi Novs...tapos na yung tag. It's in my Teacher's Corner.

    Musta ang weekend?

  16. Anonymous2:57 PM

    just visiting you today. have a great day.

  17. hi nova, thanks for the tag...sorry i just read this hehehe i will do it for sure as soon as possible..

    can you add my new blog pls,


  18. Anonymous5:57 AM

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